7 Best Vice Drug Documentaries on Netflix

If you enjoy uncensored vice drug documentaries, you are at the right place because today we are talking about 7 best vice drug documentaries on Netflix. But don’t hold your breath, because no each one of them would help you establish your own lab. Most of them might be talking about the production and distribution, but they are more focused on Wars on Drugs and events related to it.

The consumption and effects of drugs are some of the most interesting topics for filmmakers, especially documentary filmmakers, mostly because the production and distribution of different kinds of drugs are illegal, but still worldwide spread.

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Since the US government began the campaign against the drugs back in 1971, it started spending around $50 billion annually on it. Unfortunately, this money that could be used for many important and helpful purposes such as giving the homeless people places to live, help them find a job, allow their children have the better education or investing more in healthcare, is mostly wasted because it doesn’t really serves to the purpose.

Drug is still available on every corner of the US and the ¼ of the US prisoners are captured because of some drug-related crimes. The worst thing is that this isn’t even the half of people who should be locked behind the bars because of the offenses of this nature and, giving that said, even the prisons are not drugsfree institutions.
The US prisons have the highest population rate in the whole world. According to the Prison Policy Initiative’s pie chart from 2016, there were 2.3 million people locked behind the bars in the US only, and over 1.351 million were locked in state prisons, while 211,000 were in cells in federal prisons.
Even though the four walls prisoners are surrounded with are supposed to raise the awareness to all the people of the consequences they will be facing if being involved in some illegal activities such as drugs, the drug-related crimes are still in large quantities. And not just on the streets. You must have had watched prison-related documentaries and read about the criminal happening in prisons. There would always be prison guards that could be bought and allow prisoners to safely act like they are being on the streets. There are still murders and rapes out there, but the most frequent offenses are the drug consumption and sale. This is the biggest proof of the US having the campaign money wasted.

Now, let’s see the 7 best vice drug documentaries on Netflix.

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