7 Biggest Fault Lines in US

Curious to find out more about 7 biggest fault lines in US? You came to the right place.

Natural disasters are unpredictable and very, very dangerous. It kills a lot of people and does many damages to buildings, streets, and nature, which is ironic because they are natural.  Every few months some new natural disaster hits some part of the world. Floods come suddenly, each Summer people are afraid of fires in woods, and earthquakes… well, that’s one of the things that you can’t run away from ever. There is no hiding place and, even when you are home, they can kill you.


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When the earthquake kicks, depending on the strength, it can sometimes even tear down houses. It might break trees and cause concrete to break. When the earthquake kicks a place you live in, the best thing you can do is to find a corner without any stuff around and, more important, without stuff above your head. You don’t want anything that will fall on your head and leave you there.

While some parts of the world almost completely save of earthquakes, there are also places where earthquakes are the most likely to hit. People living there are almost used to those circumstances and are prepared for everything. They have their places to hide from it, stashes for cases of emergency and, whenever the earthquake is announced, they slowly move to those spots without any panic.

Of course, since earthquakes are very often in these places, residents tend to get their insurances and invest in infrastructure so that their homes remain untouched after this disaster.

These fault lines that you are about to read about are not just single places where an earthquake is definitely going to hit anytime soon. You should be aware that the earthquake can hit anywhere near those fault lines and make a damage. And living in a constant fear of any natural damage isn’t such a pleasant life. Of course, a natural disaster can happen anywhere at any time. I live in a place where the last earthquake happened in 1952 and the previous one isn’t ever recorded. The problem in the part of the city where I live in are constant floods. They happen each year in Spring and, of course, nothing can stop them. But even though this part of the city is an only risky part, two years ago a tornado hit the other part of the town.  And a tornado is something that no one ever thought about in this city.

In order not to get too much out of the topic, let’s see those 7 biggest fault lines in US.

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