7 Biggest Loser Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Were you a fan of biggest loser contest? Although there were more than 50 contestants during the 17 seasons that were recorded, we are focusing on only 7 biggest loser contestants: where are they now and did they gain some weight again?

In case you were wondering why the article is only including 7 people, the answer is actually very simple. Some of these people are honored by this article for losing so much weight during the show and remaining like that until now, some of them didn’t have that big of a success during the show, but they managed to find their way for losing pounds after they got home, and some of them, unfortunately, gained all those pounds they lost during the show after they got home. The whole point is for you to understand that different people react differently under the pressure and that all of this is actually the strong will, mixed with, sometimes, unexpected medical conditions.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Obesity is a sickness. Although every grandmother hates seeing her grandchildren thin, they are not aware of the consequences of the child’s overeating. Some people learned how to live overweighted, and some really can’t stand having that many extra pounds, but they don’t know how to get rid of them. With the Biggest Loser, they finally got the chance to improve their health under the wide opened eyes of professionals from nutrition, training, and health fields. These people were pushed to their limits. They lived in a constant sweat. There were tears as well and there were quitters. But they were all aware of the quality of life this program will provide them and they worked hard each week to have as biggest progress as they could.

But while some of the former contestants had only the positive reactions to the show, supporting them via Facebook to continue their work, some of them claimed in the news that they were made to lie about their daily entry of calories and were starving until they went home. Of course, show directors and the staff denied those accusation and many other contestants proved the entire world that the show was accused without any reason. Maybe those people were mad because they didn’t get the results they have expected before joining the program, or they were maybe disappointed that they weren’t the ones winning a $250,000 price, I don’t know and, honestly, I don’t care.

The one thing that I feel sorry for are the ones that weren’t persistent enough after they got home. According to the Internet, many former contestants gained weight again after the show ended, but even 4 of them gained a lot more than they previously lost.

So, these 7 biggest loser contestants: where are they now? If you would like to find out, click on the link and you will automatically be transferred to the original article for more details.

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