7 Cigarette Brands With Lowest Tar and Nicotine

Many smokers think it is less harmful if they switch to low tar or smoother flavor cigarette, so have you ever thought about what are the cigarette brands with lowest tar and nicotine? If you are a passionate smoker who can’t stop smoking and want to lower the risk of cancer and other diseases caused by cigarettes, this list will help you to pick the right and the lowest tar and nicotine cigarette brand and type.

Lucky Strike, owned by British American Tobacco PLC (ADR), is one of the top brands which still doesn’t have a 0.1 mg nicotine and 1 mg tar product. Camel, a brand that is owned by Reynolds American, Inc, which has recently been acquired by British American Tobacco, will allow you to enjoy their ‘genuine taste’ with their light cigarette. What you need to know is that by switching from high-tar cigarettes to a cigarette with low tar content does not reduce the risk of smoking. Observations show that the amounts of nicotine, carbon monoxide and other poisons who breathe when smoking ‘low tar’ cigarettes are similar. The amounts of tar that is inhaled when smoking is normal cigarettes. The risk of smoking-related illness is nothing short of smoking cigarettes ‘Low tar’. Scientific evidence shows that smokers’ low tar cigarettes do not expose anything less. The dangers of smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema, from smokers of normal cigarettes. New smokers create an addiction to ‘low tar’ cigarettes as fast and easy as normal cigarettes. There is no evidence that switching to lower tar cigarettes becomes less dependent or helps the smoker stop smoking. There is no ‘harmless cigarette’ or ‘safe’ smoking. Every cigarette you get
People who quit smoking are exposed to a lower risk of illness than smokers who continue to smoke, regardless of the type of cigarette they smoke. When you smoke, chemicals that enter the lungs and into the bloodstream can damage almost every body in the body. When you stop smoking, the damage to the organism is stopped or slowed down. The body can begin to recover. The risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, mouth cancer, loss of limbs, arterial disease and many other diseases associated with tobacco is reduced compared to the danger if you continue to smoke. Given that some damage remains permanent, as soon as you quit, the better for you.

If you want to see more about cigarette brands with lowest tar and nicotine, check Insider’s Monkey list of 7 Cigarette Brands With Lowest Tar and Nicotine and expand your knowledge more about this topic.

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