7 Easiest Citizenships to Get in Europe

If you, like everyone else in the world, think about living abroad from time to time, here are 7 easiest citizenships to get in Europe.

Getting legal citizenship is very hard, even in countries where there is everyone welcomed. The easiest way to get citizenship somewhere abroad is marrying someone from that country and, even then, things are not that easy. First of all, you are always checked, where you live, how do you live, is it really because of love or because of citizenships, and, of course, the government gets even more suspicious if you don’t get a baby or get divorced after you get citizenship. But everything is black on white, so they can’t do anything to you.


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The interesting thing that I found out 2 months after giving birth to my son was that I could have gotten citizenship in a country that I wanted to go for the past 4 years just because of the baby. Apparently, if I stayed there at least for a month before I gave birth to my baby and he was born in their hospital, both he and I would get the citizenship. But, that ship has sailed. Unfortunately. But, at least I get to live with the love of my life, here, surrounded by my friends.
But, somehow, as soon as someone from my surounding starts thinking about taking a next step in their lives and creating a family, they immediately try to find a way to get abroad. So, there are three choices: to go there illegally just to earn money, to get married with someone because of citizenship, or do everything legally and pray for the best.

In the first case, there are 3 scenarios. The first one is to go there illegally, earn some money with hard labor, get back home and invest that money in your home. After 90 days, you get to go there again and do everything same. In that case, are you sure that someone would agree to live like that with you? And, when you get home, there is no job waiting for you. The second scenario is to get caught and get to jail. The third is to be forbidden to cross the border ever again after being caught.

In the second case, you have to give someone money to get married. After that, there are several years to pass before you can get your citizenship. In a meantime, the person you wanted to marry is probably living somewhere, with someone else, with their children running around the house. Personally, I would never trust someone who would spend years away from me, living with someone else and I would probably move on with my life.

In case you see the third option as your best option, here are 7 easiest citizenships to get in Europe.

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