7 Easiest Forms of Martial Arts to Learn For Self Defense

Knowing how to fight, not because of attacks but because of defense is very important, especially for women, so let’s take a look at 7 easiest forms of martial arts to learn for self defense.

As a woman, I am aware that I need to learn some self defense. I am very scared whenever I am alone somewhere. I don’t even feel secure when I am home alone. I am always paranoid and believe that I see shadows, hear footsteps and lock. I admit that it is a bit more paranoid than it should be, but I can’t help it.


Pixabay/Public Domain

It is all because I am aware that I couldn’t defend myself if someone would attack me. I thought that I had something in myself, but I realized that, even when my child is nervous, I can’t control him because of the weakness. Even worst. My husband likes to scare me from time to time by just getting behind me and suddenly either touching my shoulder or grabbing me. Instead of fighting, I just scream and freeze. So now, imagine me going somewhere alone in the dark. If someone would attack me and put the hand on my mouth, I would obviously probably stand still, waiting to see what happens and dying inside.

That isn’t a good thing. Everyone needs to be independent and able to save both himself and his family. Leaning on someone is great. Having someone to lean on is great. But not being able to take care of yourself or even worse, your child is nonsense. It is the hardest thing for someone.

Learning martial arts isn’t meant for fighting and breaking someone’s bones. The whole purpose of them is to teach you how to avoid kicks and defend yourself without any other object but your body. Actually, the purpose is to learn how to use your body, strength, and weight to defend yourself from attackers. It comes pretty handy, especially for younger women who are the most frequent target of rappers and thieves. Everyone expects from a woman to be weak and dependable on their men. And if some woman doesn’t have a man? Well, she is on her own.

Actually, neither single women nor married ones should be waiting for their rescuer. We are emancipated people that need protection from authorities, but we should be able to defend ourselves as well. We wanted equality. So let’s fight equally with 7 easiest forms of martial arts to learn for self defense.

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