7 Easiest Frauds To Commit and Make Money

Let’s be clear, we are not making you commit some of these 7 easiest frauds to commit and make money right now. We are just discussing what they are and how easy it is to do it without losing your head.

The most common illegal fraud, at least in my opinion, is the one where people are knocking on your door and try to sell you the story about being some humanitarian organization trying to collect money for sick and homeless kids.

Pixabay/Public Domain

I now live with my grandparents and I really didn’t believe them when they said how many times people tried to trick them. We lost the compass and forgot what the real value is. We forgot about taking care of our health (until is too late), we forgot how to appreciate our friends and family, and we concentrated only on making the profit.

There are now two types of people. The first group is the one trying to find as many well – paid jobs and get some promotion at their current jobs. The second one is trying to find the easiest way for tricking people into giving them some easy money. The most frequent target group are the senior citizens that really are too naive.

We recently had a situation. We were all at home but my grandmother decided to open the door. There was a young man standing and told her that he is from the heating service, sent to check the pipes. Luckily, my grandmother is deaf so she said to him to wait while she calls her husband or a son. As soon as she looked back, a man runs away. Two minutes later, police arrived and said that he already stole from various people from the building right next to us.

But ok, not every case is this illegal and scary. More frequent are people trying to sell you postcards or drawings, supposedly drawn by poor children that need financial help. They either say that they come with the Red Cross or they openly say that they are independent organizations that collect money. We usually turn them down even though we are aware that there are some people from the Red Cross really knocking. Well, at least our soul is clear. We donate every year as much as we can, we bring food to the Red Cross, we bring old clothes as soon as the cold weather starts so, no, we don’t need postcards to prove to ourselves or anyone else that we are humanitarians. But everyone should be aware of the risks of 7 easiest frauds to commit and make money since they really look too innocent but they can empty your wallet completely.

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