7 Easiest IKEA Furnitures to Assemble

What are the easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble? You will get to know the answers with the help of Insider Monkey’s latest article. Everyone has heard of IKEA. The Swedish furniture company is one of the best known of its kind in the world, probably due to their inexpensive products. Most of the merchandise is meant for an average consumer. A wide variety of choice, interesting pieces, moderate prices – these are only some of the reasons why people keep coming back to IKEA stores. The more you pay for the furniture, the higher the assembly cost. Actually, supposedly “easy” assembling of IKEA furniture is so well known that you can find loads of building IKEA furniture memes all over the web. Just type the phrase in the search engine, and you’re bound to have a laugh. Personally I really love IKEA, even I love going and window-shopping there. I have lots of IKEA furnitures, which –  I must confess – were assembled by one of my friends. Yep, I know, I could do it even myself, but I’m not the type of woman who likes to walk up and down with a screwdriver. I don’t like these issues, I much prefer being in the kitchen. Now, that I got married, my husband does these tasks, who is very skillful in everything around the house.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two of the easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble from their list. The first furniture is TINGBY side table. TINGBY side table is very useful for placing drinks, snacks, and magazines. It comes in two versions: one is a bit shorter than the other, but the assembly process is the same. The second furniture should be EKET cabinet with door. This one is very basic. Actually, it looks like a cube with a door without any handles.



For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 7 easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble.

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