7 Easiest Lady Gaga Songs To Sing

Let’s live for the applause with 7 easiest Lady Gaga songs to sing!

When she appeared on a big screen with her major hit ’’Poker Face’’, I have to admit that, at the time, I didn’t even know who that blond girl was. So I did my job and, as always, consulted Google as my best friend in this kind of situation. As it turned out, besides the ’’Poker Face’’ that I saw as the new girl’s way of making to the top wasn’t the only song she had so far. There was another one, called ’Just Dance’ and, within a few days, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing some of these chords in the back.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Her songs were really contagious because of the great beat and the audience seemed like not getting enough of it. And the videos? They were sick! Literally! But can you say that you never sat down in front of your computer and just pressed the repeat button over and over? I guess not. But neither could I.

But for a while, people just seemed like they forgot her career and started focusing on her looks. I don’t know why the girl has her own style and I don’t see her judging you because of the way you make your hair each day! But there was a picture circling through the Internet showing the black haired, innocent girl that later turned out to be Lady Gaga. So what? I dyed my hair when I was a teenager but I am now satisfied with my natural color. I also always worn high hills and short T-Shirts, and now sneakers and the long shirts that cover everything are my best friends. Think again, what did you do when you were a kid and changed it the moment you wanted? Would anyone judge you for that? No!

But Lady Gaga never seemed to care about the rumors and, instead of fighting the paparazzi like any other celebrity would, she decided to put it behind as soon as she saw it and continue building her career and slapped everyone in the face. Just kidding. But she really made such a musical progress in a short period of time. Now, whenever people hear some of her songs, although some of them are about 9 years old, they can’t help themselves not to start singing, but who can blame us? And these are the 7 easiest Lady Gaga songs to sing.

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