7 French Cooking Classes in NYC

You don’t need to travel all the way to the France to experience the magic of their cuisine. Everything you need can be found at any of 7 French cooking classes in NYC.

French food, like everything else related to France, is a big aphrodisiac. And even if you can’t afford to take a trip with your date, you can bring the French experience to your own table.

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After you are done with cooking class, check out some store for some red candles and a bottle of French wine, and prepare some of the meals you just learned in the class. But how to find the perfect class that fits all your needs? Well, here are 7 that we found. We found them by taking a look at the Blog Magazine’s, Gothamist’s, and Guest of a Guest’s database and checked out all the reviews, and prices of the French cooking classes in New York City to find the best ones. And there is some for everyone.

You can start with basics or you can take some of the BYOB advanced cooking classes at Green Apron Kitchen. Depending on the type of class you are going to attend, you will need to spend between $50 and $900. Why so much? Ok, not every class is that expensive and, to be fair, there is no need for them to e as high priced as that. But, as you might already assume, with the higher price comes the bigger pleasure. So what comes with the $900? Nothing special. This is actually the price at Valentina’s Baguette for 12 people. Considering that the class for a couple costs $240, this is a good deal if you and your friends ever considered attending some cooking class.
Besides Valentina’s Baguette, the Green Apron Kitchen also offers the higher priced package of $500, but this time the price is just for you. But don’t jump to conclusions because they are not greedy at all. For this high fee, you will get the opportunity to go the cooking class camp and be there for several days to both cook and enjoy the French food master pieces.

So let’s take a closer look at 7 French cooking classes in NYC.

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