7 Major Differences Between Shia and Sunni Muslims

Islamic culture is very complex and a bit more complicated to people of other religion. Not just that their tradition and amenity is different, but Muslims are also split into different groups. Today, I want to talk (write) about 7 major differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

To be honest, until recently I had no idea about Shia nor Sunni Muslims. I just thought that this is all Islamic religion and that’s all. But when you think about it, Christianity is also split into Catholics and Protestants. And to people of these religions, it seems like completely normal and usual thing. So why wouldn’t Muslims be separated as well?


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Although I have been raised as a Protestant, I was always impressed with Catholic churches and their rituals. Unlike our church, where a minister is just singing (at least I think he sings), in Catholic church ministers are also narrating and quoting the Bible, preparing material for the next week, telling different stories and his thoughts and beliefs, and they sing. God, I love hearing them sing. And not just a minister and a chorus. People coming to church as well. They really make religion fun, don’t you think?

And like Protestants and Catholics, Shia and Sunni Muslims also have their differences in rituals. First of all, have you ever heard about Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib or Isha prayers? Again, until recently, I haven’t. But it seems that Shia and Sunni Muslims all have their own prayers and try to include some new, whether invented or archaic ones, I don’t know.

Also, both of them celebrate Ramadan. The difference is that Shiite Muslims start their fast 10 minutes earlier and end it up 10 minutes later. This part I really don’t get. Is it because they want to be unique or to completely separate themselves from other Muslims? If so, this really isn’t the way. The holiday is the same and the rest of the world really don’t care whether you fast 20 minutes longer or not. Neither God does.

But there is one interesting thing that takes a big part in it. Have you ever heard about al-Mutah? That is a temporary marriage that is still accepted by Shias, while Sunnis have banned it completely. If I understood it right, it is also punishable.

So let’s see the full article regarding 7 major differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims by Insider Monkey and find more interesting things about this religion

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