7 Most Advanced Countries in South America

Let’s see how these 7 most advanced countries in South America managed to step out from their continent neighbors.

When I was a kid, I believed that there was only one America in the world and that was the US. I knew about Brazil as the independent country that relies on coffee industry and, even when I got older, their agriculture stick to my mind as their only source of economic income.

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Even today, it is all a bit foggy for me. But my geographic knowledge is weak in general, so there is not that big of a surprise. But luckily for people like me, there is Google and one of the best apps ever invented, Google Maps. So, wherever I go, Google Maps goes with me.
Another mistake that I made regarding the South America is their industrial and economic status. I always saw it as a continent where everything is circling around the labor. I always knew that it might be incorrect, which is why I never discussed it with anyone before.

When Insider Monkey published the article about the advanced countries in South America, there was no way that I would miss it in a world. After all, there are plenty of officials and checked resources used, so there shouldn’t be some kind of mistake, right? For example, when this particular was made, the primary criteria that were used for measuring and ranking the overall improvement of the country was the Human Development Index, which is actually the compilation of long and healthy life, the standard of living, and education. This information was taken from the Human Development Report, which consisted the information from 2015. Since there is a longer period of the about two years between the present and the collecting that information, Insider Monkey’s team added gross national income per capita, average life expectancy, and the international ranking as the additional criteria that supposed to help them compile the finishing list.

When the final list came out, there were 7 places competing for the first place of the most advanced countries in South America and those countries were Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela. All of them were placed on the list, but to see the final rankings, check out the original article 7 most advanced countries in South America by Insider Monkey, where everything about each of them was explained in details.

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