7 Most Stressful Jobs In India

Do you know which are the most stressful jobs in India? Imagine stress in India, the second most populous country in the world. Despite economic growth during recent years, India continues to face social and economic challenges.

Constant job dissatisfaction drew many health problems from depression and accelerated aging to heart attack, diabetes, and even sudden death. How people show stress at work? Is it all day attachment to a chair? Or skipping the heart after the gallon of coffee you bring every day? Are these streams of cold sweat coming from you to your seat and carpet? Is all this tearful? It’s very stressful, is not it? The stress to which we are exposed to the work for consequences has physical and emotional exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, feeling of inefficiency accompanied by poor working performance. Such a person, she is inclined to frequent visits to sick leave, and her tasks become meaningless and boring. This “disease” most often affects ambitious individuals and perfectionists who put too many tasks on themselves. But not only are they endangered, but everyone who works in a demanding atmosphere in which bosses are asking too much of them. Also, frequent overtime announced cancellations or changes in ownership over the company, workplace insecurity has a negative impact on the working environment and increases the risk of combustion at work. Lack of concentration, inability to focus and mild forgetfulness are early signs that are later enhanced to the extent that a person gets the impression that the obligations are overflowing. There are also headaches, chest pains. Caring, tension, nervousness become daily followers, and some people have anger outbursts in the workplace and at home. Anxiety can be accompanied by depression, a sense of sadness and guilt, hopelessness. When talking about stress at work, do you know which are the most stressful jobs in India? Whether these are the same jobs that are stressful in most countries around the world, or in India the situation is different? According to Financial Times, banking, finance, and information technology are among the most stressful jobs in India. The position of Investment Banker is particularly in jeopardy of stress because of lack of time for social life, proper eating and overtime work. The responsibilities, pressures that are both internal and external, as well as late working hours, create a stressful environment for finance workers. Notably, the trader position can trigger needle like stress.

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