7 Obscure Countries with Funny Names and Their Capitals

Finally, let’s have a little fun with some unserious and entertained topic, 7 obscure countries with funny names and their capitals, for example.

Naming matters. It really does. Even parents brainstorm for a few months before their child is born to find the best and most suitable name for their son or daughter. It will remain for their whole life and there is no chance that you will allow your child to have a miserable life and being made fun of just because you wanted to entertain yourself and be too much creative when you picked their name.

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It is the same case with naming a country or a city. Have you always felt comfortable telling someone where you live and where you are from? Have you ever thought about the origin of the name of the country or the city you are from? Some places have changed names several times until they found the one that fit the best, while some of them keep up with the ones that we are all used to. Even though they don’t make some sense, they are easy to pronounce and everyone feels comfortable saying their names.

But imagine you live in Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. Have you ever heard about this place before? Not that very well known, can’t figure out why, but this was the first time I heard of it. Maybe because people are unfamiliar with the details about West Africa, or because it is not very often talked about because it is hard to pronounce its name but instead referred to as ‘that place in Africa’. It would be so hard helping someone from the US to pronounce it, but it would be even harder if you would live in its capital city called Yamoussoukro. I mean, I triple checked it just while typing down the name. I can’t imagine what would happen if I tried to say it out loud. As it turns out, this place is worth visiting, but, for more than the obvious reason, no one gives it a chance.

Would you like to see more? Check out Insider Monkey’s original list article: 7 obscure countries with funny names and their capitals and have a little fun. Also, try visiting them sometimes. Besides being uncovered by themselves, they are keeping more secrets that are waiting to be discovered by someone. Who knows, you might be the one.

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