7 Serial Killer Documentaries on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to get inside a serial killer’s mind and try to understand why he/she decided to have that much blood on his/her hands? If so, there is no need for you to do it by yourself and go to prisons to visit some of them and try to talk to them. Just sit in your chair and play these 7 serial killer documentaries on YouTube that Insider Monkey recently found.

There are many theories and different views of serial killers. While there are people claiming that only people that committed over four murders can be considered serial killers, there are also the ones that believe that serial killers are only the ones that see some important link between their victims. But the official definition regarding serial killers that was launched by the FBI says that serial killer is every person that killed more than one person. Of course, soldiers that fought during a war or civilians that tried to protect their families during the war are excluded from this definition because it was a war zone and only specific people are considered to be war criminals.

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There are multiple reasons why some person decides to kill people, but the most usual reason is their personal dissatisfaction. Earlier, serial killers only killed people that came in their way in the past and made them feel smaller back then. But, nowadays, serial killers don’t pick their victims that way. Some of them choose the most vulnerable person, some of them kill the ones that remind them of someone, sometimes it is a jealousy issue, but one thing is certain, they all enjoy the power and control over someone else that killing provides to them.

According to the Radford University/FGVU Serial Killer Database, 36.86% of serial killers in the world said that the main reasons they act are the power, lust, and thrill that the whole act is providing them while acting. 31.76% of all serial killers from the US confirmed that as well. Speaking of it, the US is the country with the most serial killers in the history and reached the number of 3,204 serial killers by calculating the number of caught and reported serial killers. Among all states that belong to the US, California is the one that still holds the record for the highest number of serial killer victims back in 1987.

Why do they do it? What do they think? How do they look? How do they pick their victims? Find out after watching these 7 serial killer documentaries on YouTube.

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