7 States That Allow Euthanasia

Today we are discussing a very serious question, as we are going to read about the compilation of 7 US states that allow euthanasia. Euthanasia is a very conficted and controversial topic. Religious people say that we got our lives from our Lord, so no-one has the right to take it. Telling you the truth, I also believe in God, and in that He gave our lives to us – but I also believe in human dignity. I firmly believe if one doesn’t have too much to live, and has severe pain, or takes so much painkiller in such a big portion that they are actually in coma, they should have the opportunity to bring their pain to the end. Nevertheless I know I am hypocrite as never in my life could I give somone to the lethal doses, or now I think I wouldn’t be able to. There are many people who are deadly against euthanasia, since it’s considered to be a murder.

What does the word ‘euthanasia’ mean? It is a practice of ending somebody’s life when they are terminally ill in order to ease their pain and shorten their suffering. And it show the difference between euthanasia and murder. As I mentioned above, religions forbid euthanasia. For instance, Islam regards taking a life is a crime, regardless the reason of it, even suicide is forbidden and punished. Therefore you will never hear of ballots related to euthanasia in Muslim countries, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. But we don’t need to go so far, as the Roman Catholic Church forbids euthanasia, as well.

In the United States there have been debates and campaigns about euthanasia for a century, in having started in the early of 1930s. Euthanasia itself is still illegal across the whole United States, but instead people who are terminally ill and have only 6 months to live can choose assisted dying. What’s the difference then? Well, when it comes to assisted dying, the person who wants to end his life, gets some assistance, but actually he ends his life with his own hand. While during euthanasia, another person helps the dying one to pass away.

Either the former, or the latter – we do hope no-one outside has to face with these acts. And now, let’s see what Insider Monkey have investigated for us in connection with the 7 US states that allow euthanasia.

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7. Hawaii

It was only last January when Hawaii approved Death with Dignity Act, but naturally just for those who are terminally ill. The curiosity of the Hawaiian Act is that before prescribing the lethal doses, the person has to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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6. Colorado

Death with Dignity Act was passed on  November 8, 2016, declares that if someone is over the age of 18, and terminally ill with less than 6 months to liv, can ask a prescription of a lethal dose.

5.  California

A ballot was initiated in 1992, but it failed then. Later on, it was approved in June 2016. Since then assisted dying has been legal.

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4. Vermont

Death with Dignity Act was approved in 2013, after 10 years.

3. Montana

Montana is in a special situation as there is no Death with Dignity Act approved, but its legality was esetablished via a state supreme court decision in Baxter v. Montana, in 2008.

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2. Washington

The first attempt to pass the Death with Dignity Act was in 1991, when there was a ballot to find out if people would approve it, but actually the Act failed at that time. Then, in 2008 it was approved, so if someone is terminally ill with less than 6 months to live, then they can have a lethal dozes of injection prescribed by a physician.

1. Oregon

The Death of Dignity Act was passed in 1994 in Oregon, so this state was the first one in the line. This ws our compilation of the 7 US states that allow euthanasia.

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