7 States That Banned Plastic Bags or Likely to Ban in the Next 5 Years

If you are environmentally conscious, and you do mind the state of our blue planet, then you will be happy to read the compilation of the  states that banned plastic bags or likely to ban in the next 5 years. As we are over the first act of coronavirus, and we had to stay at home, we could see how big changes can be caused related to the globe if almost everything stops working. Waters began to clear up, animals returned back to places where they hadn’t seen for a long time. It was not only a fearful moment of the human being, but at the same time it was a wonderful, shining, slow, clear minute for the Earth. Our planet could breathe again, and perhaps deep wounds caused by human weren’t so painful to Mother Nature for a couple of months. If we were able to combine our health with concerning the environment, we really could reach huge results. During COVID-19 scientists and people were speaking about that the world would be never the same, and that lots of things had changed. As for me, I’m pretty sceptical. I mean the rich want to be richer, influental people tend to be more influential, and the axes of the world is – money. Money, money, money. Factories and plants stopped operating for a few months, yes. But then everything will start with double efforts in order to get back the producing, and the profit.

Yet, we can see great initiatives in connection with saving the Earth, for example banning plastic bags, although I’m afraid if we had approved of banning them even last year all over the world, it would be too late. We use too many plastic bags everywhere, and supermarkets offer them as sugar candy to the children. Billions of plastic bags are produced year by year and most of them aren’t recycled, finally they end up in the waters and forests. Large number of wild animals die because of gulping plastic bags, or flounder into them till they aren’t able to move, so they die. So it’s high time for us to stop all these, and say NO for plastic bags – and actually for everything that ruins the Earth.

And now, without a further ado let’s check out the list of the 7 states that have banned plastic bags or will ban them within the next five years.

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7. Washington

Washington passed the legislation only on March 25, 2020, but at will come into effect on the first day of 2021. The paper bags will cost 8 cents per bag.

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6. Delaware

Although Delaware approved the legislation in July, 2019 – it will be effective only the first day of 2021.

5. New York

The legislation was approved in April, 2019, but it came into effect on the first of March, 2020.

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4. Vermont

 We are half way on our list of the 7 states that have banned plastic bags or will ban them within the next five years, and here’s Vermont. The legislation was approved last June, in 2019. Paper bags cost 5 cents per bag. 

3. Oregon

Good news – this January the statewide ban was passed in Oregon, and the price of paper bags are fixed at 5 cents.

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2. California

California approved the law banning plastic bags four years ago, in 2016. But it’s only banned for retailers, while paper bags cost 10 cents.

1. Hawaii

This beautiful state is on the top of the list of the 7 states that banned plastic bags or likely to ban in the next 5 years. What’s more, all counties voted to ban plastic bags, so there has been an overall ban across the whole state since 2015.

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