7 Tips On Using Poshmark Shopping App to Make Money

Have you ever purchased some online sale? If so, how much time it took to earn some cash? Well, I don’t know about all salesmen apps, but I have here 7 tips on using Poshmark shopping app to make money that was published a while ago on Insider Monkey.

To be fair, each platform and app have the same pattern: the point is to see the competition, upload as many high-resolution photos as you can, and offer your product for the most affordable price. Of course, the price should be low enough to attract more buyers, but high enough so your whole effort will pay up. The problem is finding that golden middle. The next time you decide to sell something, try out the next method: look at the price of the product you are reselling, or the costs of the material if your product is hand made. After that, check out the competition online. The middle price of the cheapest online seller and the money you invested in it should be the perfect price for both you and the future buyer. So, we cleared this one up.

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When you are done uploading the image and determining the price of your product, it is time to do the elaborately description. Keep in mind that, more bulletproofs you have in the description part, the more people will come to you. So put there everything you can: size, material, color, and especially the damage of the item, if there is any. People respect honesty, and despite liars. You can trick a person or two, but after that, you can flush your online store down the toilet, because there is no chance that someone will risk if the third time would be the charm.

Also, pay attention not to get too greedy, especially at the beginning. I understand that the clothes you are going to sell are very rare and expensive, but start small. Since this platform is mostly based on expensive branded clothes, no one expects you to sell your Louis Vuitton bag for $2, but there is no point of giving it for the price you got it for either. Also, make sure that your offer has at least 25 different items. Put some handbags, shoes, shirts, skirts, and jackets. Pick all the things you want to sell and choose one item from each pile. This way, your buyers will have the wider choice, but won’t be annoyed and skip you because your account is overfilled.

And most importantly, create a network. This doesn’t mean that you have to spam everyone you know and don’t know. Just upload the link to your profile on several social networks and ask your friends who are also shoppingholics to join the platform and follow you.

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