7 Types of Prostitutes in India, Philippines and Amsterdam

The oldest job in the human history is still well spread and, while some countries find it illegal and arrest both workers and customers, some countries allow it and even allow professionals to have their own sectors. Today, we are going to find out more about 7 types of prostitutes in India, Philippines, and Amsterdam.

I have never been in any of these three countries but I know a lot about Amsterdam. This capital city is said to be the heaven for junkies and people seeking sexual services. I recently went there as a tourist to see landmarks and museums since I have no interest in these first things that I mentioned but my friends had their own suspicions and wanted to check each part of the city. The results were terrifying for people living in a surrounding as we do, but it seems that citizens of Amsterdam find it extremely normal.

Pixabay/Public Domain

There is a whole street dedicated to prostitution in Amsterdam. Like we walk through the city and look through glasses in boutiques to see new clothes, in Amsterdam you are seeing real mannequins that offer, not that expensive, sexual service.  No one makes those girls sell their body. It is their own will and they enjoy it. But still, I am raised in a bit more primitive surrounding, I guess.

And the whole world is starting the petition to contribute to developing this profession on a higher level. First of all, prostitutes are everywhere and everyone knows where they stand and how much they charge for their service. In almost every city in the world, there is a safe house where they can go to take a rest, do HIV and pregnancy tests, take a shower and get free condoms. However, they are not legally accepted, even though members of the police and government department also frequently use their services. Even worse, they arrest them when they have nothing else to do. And many women do it, not for the satisfaction, but for the need. There are many mothers with toddlers that can’t find any other proper job in order to earn money and feed their kids so, they go on the street and give their body instead.

India, Philippines and Amsterdam found their way to help those women  so that they can now rest and be free to do their job. There are 7 types of prostitutes in India,Philippines and Amsterdam that Insider Monkey recently researched.  Those are independent prostitutes, street prostitutes, brothel prostitutes, escort agency prostitutes, bar prostitutes, window prostitutes, and labor site prostitutes. To see the full article regarding this topic, click on 7 types of prostitutes in India, Philippines and Amsterdam.

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