8 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

You can learn everything now with just typing it down on your browser or downloading apps on your smartphone. But not just you. Even your child can learn some useful thing by using apps. They can learn to make a difference between colors, animals, numbers, but you can make them a bit more advanced with 8 apps for teaching children coding skills.

Nowadays, everything is spinning around the Internet and working as a web developer or a programmer seems to be the best call for everyone, including your kids. After all, it is better for them to start learning some basic skills for something that can help them later in life while they are still young than spending their days playing games or watching cartoons and movies that aren’t suitable for their age.

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Speaking of age, time changes. Unlike us, that were supposed to play outside, come home covered in mud, be able to watch cartoons 30 minutes per a day, not because our parents were too strict, but because we lived in that time and there was basically nothing else to do for us, kids today have much wider options for spending their free time. And even if you are against them spending the whole day in front of the TV or a computer or if you are against them getting their first smartphone as soon as they start the first grade, you can’t allow your child to be left behind. Every child will come to school carrying their own phone, playing some games, and even texting. And it is better for you and your child to get him one so he could always let you know where and who is he with.

And how can you expect your kid not to be obsessed with computers if you are hanging around in front of your screens every day? But at least you can get some use out of it. And not just you, but your kid as well. Web developers found ways to improve both you and your child by developing different apps that improve different skills. And some of them are advanced enough that even you could improve your knowledge and play around with your child. But make sure that your child also knows what the life is like outside the virtual world so he doesn’t lose track.

The thing is, you can always hire a tutor. But the truth is, your child will get everything on a plate which actually isn’t that good for them. It is better for them to learn to handle things on their own and, even if some problem comes up, to be able to take care of it without paying anyone else to help them out but finding the solution by himself.

If you want your child to become a programming wunderkind, download one of these 8 apps for teaching children coding skills.

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