8 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

So what are the apps for teaching children coding skills? We can argue if it is a good thing for children to spend so much time in front of their laptops, tablets, smartphones – but the fact is they do. Even kids at the age of two know how to switch on a laptop, or a phone, how to search their favorite game, or videos. When I was a kid we had no devices like them, we played in the streets and we enjoyed it very much. We formed clubs, played hide and seek, or went cycling. Lots of things have changed since then.

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Now I am working on my laptop, and at the same time I am checking my smartphone if I have received a message. Children copy our behavior and what’s more they are born into our modern world. When they are older they will know much more than we have ever known. But nowadays programming is very important because everything starts with it from the fan to your mobile. In order to understand the importance of programming, you should know that programming has three phases and everyone is very important. The first phase is the problem identification and solving phase, the second is the implementation while the third phase is maintenance. In order to solve a computer problem, you need to know all phases. If you decide to let your child focus in the programming direction, you will allow it to craft its own future because every era demands different skills. The programming skills and knowledge will have a deep influence on your child. Despite learning how to code, your child will learn how to think in a different way, how to solve a problem with the best solution and how to deal with it. Also, programming could improve child’s memory and IQ.

We have picked three items from Insider Monkey’s list: CodeCombat, SpriteBox: Code Hour, and Algoid – Programming language. CodeCobmat’s rating is 4.0, the platform is Web App and it’s free. It will give your child the ability to create something unique from its imagination. With this application, your children could feel the power of programming by using a typed code and it can learn so much about the computer science. This course will teach your children everything in an interesting way; it is really perfect for beginners. SpriteBox: Code Hour is the second one. Its rating is 4.0, the platform is Android, iOS, and it is also free. It is not only for beginners but for those who know the basics but want to develop themselves. Algoid – Programming language is the last one for now. Its rating is 4.1, platform is Android, and it’s free, too. The Algoid also has a real-time debugger, scope explorer, step by step execution mode. Despite all of its features, the Algoid can hide the turtle for your child which will allow him to write code for its very own video game.

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the apps for teaching children coding skills.

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