8 Best, Cheapest Animal to Raise for Meat and Self Sufficiency

Let’s proceed to the list of the best, cheapest animal to raise for meat and self sufficiency. Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting article about it giving you some advice. The awareness about our food and desire to know the exact route of our food from the farm to our table is ever increasing. Organic food vs. GMO food battle is still continuing. While some praise the food production, others are worried about the conditions in which animals live before they are slaughtered. Best farm animals to raise to make a profit is not the topic of this research since we’ll mostly focus on animals which require minimum space, and not necessarily the greatest revenue (though the list can be quite helpful with it, too). Another burning question would be what farm animals are being fed with. Consumers aren’t fooled anymore by the meat color and size. Instead, they rather wish to know what the animal was eating on a daily basis.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the best, cheapest animal to raise for meat and self sufficiency from their list.

The first one can be rabbits, their best harvest time is 10 -12 weeks. You already know there will be no breeding issues with this species. Out of all 8 best, cheapest animal to raise for meat and self sufficiency, rabbits are the fastest to multiply. But you also should know that rabbits are extremely sensitive animals. They can easily get lethal diseases and it can happen by the time you go to feed them in the evening they are all dead… You should be careful with rabbits! The next animal is duck on Insider Monkey’s list. Best harvest time is around 7-8 weeks. Peking ducks are said to be the best, though any duck species will be a great addition to your yard. Just add a little pond, and they’ll be perfectly happy and grow a lot of meat compared to similar poultry. I have a little farm, and I also have duck as well. I must warn you that ducks eat quite a lot. Five ducks eat as much as a young pig, and you can get much more meat from a pig. Another important information: if your duck can be harvested around the age of 7-8 weeks, that means you have feed them with industrially made food and with corn and barley f.e. If you keep animals at home you probably don’t want to eat the same quality meat that you can buy at the butcher’s too. I feed my animals with corn, barley, oat, and so on, but they can’t be harvested after 7-8 weeks. At last, but not least here are chickens of course. They can be harvested after 5-7 weeks – if you feed them with junk. Feed them with natural food, and maybe you can harvest them later, but the meat will be much more delicious and healthy!

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 8  best, cheapest animal to raise for meat and self sufficiency.

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