8 Fastest, Most Advanced Russian Fighter Jets

There are rumors every now and then that some stronger forces are thinking about stepping up against the Russia, but let me give you 8 fastest, most advanced Russian fighter jets to think about before you start your attacking strategies.

According to the Insider Monkey, Russian air force has been improving since the 2000s. The designers managed to bring the shapes and technologies to the new jets that made Russian air force one of the fearless and strongest air forces in the world once again.
Although there was a fall in the Russian air force during the 1990s, Russia is back on the horse, ready to throw back anyone who decides to go against it.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Throughout the history, there were countries that thought of Russia as their brotherhoods that would have their backs until the end of time. Russia still maintenance to keep its word and provides the protection to its allies. On the other hand, there are the countries that are eager to put Russia down on its knees and take over everything that makes it that great. Not that surprisingly, Russia was included in many wars so far and many leaders were threatened to be killed. Luckily, their military force was never weakened completely, which gave Russia the advance.

Just for the comparison, Insider Monkey also has the list of 11 fastest US Air Force fighter planes, so, when you come to an end of this post and enter Insider Monkey’s article regarding the fastest Russian  fighter jets, try to compare those two lists and see which one can brag the most about its air force. There is one more thing to consider while doing it and that’s the fact that due to the financial resources that have been provided for some time now, conjoined research by Russia, China, and India might lead to the completely new list of the fastest, most improved Russian fight jets until the end of the next year. As always, Russia isn’t the only one that needs the strong military force in order to keep itself and its citizens safe and none of the others would leave itself on the cause.

Until that time comes, there are Russian fighter jets that are already worth mentioning. So let’s check the previous list of the US Air Force fighter planes and compare it to the today’s list of the 8 fastest, most advanced Russian fighter jets. Not so brave now?

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