8 Highest-Paying Countries For Truck Drivers

Since truck drivers are among most wanted jobs in the world because of all of its perks, it is time for us to find 8 highest-paying countries for truck drivers.

Although there are long working hours, which are especially hard to handle during the summer, being a truck driver has its benefits, especially for singles. You can travel the world, without making any plans, meet other places and cultures, and get the money for your adventure.

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Of course, you can be a local truck driver which will allow you to spend the nights at home and be with your family and kids if you have some, but many truck drivers are bringing even their family along when they are traveling internationally.

Another thing is, there are always open jobs for truck drivers because manufacturers are almost every day in need for someone to transport their goods, furniture, or whatever else they produce. Local truck drivers are also really important for people who are moving from one place to another because there is no chance that they will manage to move all of their furniture in the trunk. So, as you can see, as a truck driver you will never be left without a job, unless you steal, of course. And you will also get the chance to pick the industry where you would like to work.

To find the 8 highest-paying countries for truck drivers, Insider Monkey’s research team first found the ones with the highest average salaries for truck drivers from PayScale. After that, they consulted Gazzette Review, World Atlas, and Investopedia and the list was ready to be published.

According to this list, the highest paying country for truck drivers is Norway, where truck drivers can earn around $56,064 per a year. It seems to me that this is just the beginning for the Norwegian truck drivers because the economy in this country has been growing since the beginning of the industrial era and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. For now, truck drivers hired in Norway are earning about $6,000 more than they would earn in any US state since the average annual salary is about $50,000 in the US for now.

What do you think, which country found its place on this list, besides Norway, obviously? Check out the original article about 8 highest-paying countries for truck drivers and find out the rest.

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