8 Most Expensive Van Gogh Paintings

Van Gogh was the extreme and a bit of a specific artist and, although not that popular in his time, his work is now more understood and, therefore, more appreciated. The only problem is: to own some of his paintings, you would need to have a bit fatter pocket, especially if you had your eye on 8 most expensive Van Gogh paintings.

There is no a person in the world that have never heard about Van Gogh. Even if not that familiar with his work, even children know about some painter that cut off his ear.

Pixabay/Public Domain

There is a story behind every painting of his that uncovers some important part of his life. Sadly, most of them are covered with sadness and tragedy that he managed to paste on the canvas. But, unlike today’s art, where people are admired for putting a black dot on a white paper, people living in the 19th century weren’t that open-minded, which is why Vincent Van Gogh got his recognition only after he died. To be fair, it doesn’t matter now because he was already gone.

The problem was that the recognition was the only thing that he wanted to gain with his work. He wasn’t after the fame nor money. Those were the last things on his mind. The only goal he had was to be accepted as an artist, but because of the nature of his work, people didn’t really find him that sane which is why they didn’t find his art that important and it wasn’t until his death on July 27th, 1890 in his 37th year they realized the deepness of his acts.

The thing that bugs me the most is: was that truly necessary? Did he really need to finish off like that? Was it really that hard for ‘’experts’’ to take another look and give him that recognition? Or they really had to wait for him to shoot himself in chests, suffer 30 hours of pain, die of infection of the improperly treated wound, to try to get inside his mind and see how big he actually was? At least his last words were true. ‘’The sadness will last forever’’. It did and it haunted them for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, he didn’t live enough to see how his name has risen from the ashes to the real stars and how much money are people willing to pay nowadays just to have one piece of a paper owned by him and not to even mention his works. And how much money is the man required to save for having his best painting? See the 8 most expensive Van Gogh paintings and prepare to be shocked!

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