8 Natural Cough Remedies for Kids and Babies

Kids getting sick is the worst thing that can happen, especially because of all the medicine that, although will help with the child’s symptoms, can ruin their other organs. Luckily, there are 8 natural cough remedies for kids and babies that will help them heal quickly and without any pharmaceutical supplies.

I have a kid and, to be honest, I try my best to avoid doctors every time he gets a cold. Someone would say that I am an irresponsible parent but I am sick of my kid being a guinea-pig for every new medicine pharmaceutical companies come up with. Each time, the medicine is even stronger and I simply refuse to give all of them to my child who isn’t even 2 yet.

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But the truth is, you can’t really avoid pediatricians, especially when it comes to babies that don’t know how to talk yet. Even when their throat hurts or they have a fever, they don’t know how to explain it to you. Let’s be real, they don’t even know what is happening and if that feeling is right or not. The worst part is, the only thing they can do is cry, and that makes it even worse for their throat and all you can do is to sit and guess what is going on. Usually, by the time you get the answer, it is already too late and your baby would need an exam that will later lead to the new medicine prescribed. We all hate it and our children do too. But is there some solution other than pharmaceutical industry getting richer? Glad you asked because there is.

Let’s face it, our grandparents didn’t have all of these medicines served on a plate when they were kids and they lived longer lives than we will. If they could do it, why couldn’t we? And, frankly, their ways worked faster than the ones we go for nowadays. For example, whenever I had a fever or a red throat and I was at my grandparents, they never even thought of getting me to the doctor’s office.  Instead of that, they took the alcohol and gave me the full body massages with it. Both high fever and the red throat would vanish within a day. In the last couple of years, whenever I felt sick, I took some prescribed or even unprescribed pills because I was too lazy to start with some old-fashion treatments. Until I got a kid. Now, I do everything that is in my power to prevent my child getting some strong medicines and every time some health problem appears, besides consulting with older people that went to the hospital just a few times in their lives, I also check online for the advice from the other people as well.

Insider Monkey recently published one list regarding this issue, and I already tried them out on myself as well as my kid. I have to say, although I would never think of some of these remedies, the results came out perfect. If you also want to avoid visiting doctors every month and giving those strong medicines to your kid, here are 8 natural cough remedies for kids and babies to check out!

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