8 Recreational Baking Classes in NYC

Are you into baking but aren’t sure how to start? Start by attending some of 8 recreational baking classes in NYC.

I loved going to my grandmother’s house all the time. She always had some cookies made, especially on Sunday. Those were usually home made chocolate cookies that my whole family enjoyed and I had the habit of stealing at least 3 before the lunch, so I never got the chance to eat properly. That was honestly the only reason I enjoyed family lunches. But when suddenly my grandmother passed away, I realized that I have no idea how to cook neither cookies or meals in general.

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Whenever I asked her to teach me, she always claimed that I was too young and that my time hasn’t come yet. In her opinion, I would be old enough to learn all of it when I have a family on my own. The thing she didn’t know is that only a few months after her funeral, I will start living with my boyfriend and soon after that I will find out that I was pregnant. So, instead of learning to cook and bake next to her, I consulted Google to be my personal cooking coach. Was this helpful? Honestly, not that much. So many different recipes for the same meal, so many different ingredients and no one to show me what to do and how to do it.

The only person I had near me at the time was the person that didn’t know how to cook an egg properly so I had to do it on my own. I am still struggling with some dishes and it wasn’t until recently that I figured out that the much better solution for me was attending some cooking class. There are plenty of cooking and baking classes around me and for some reason, I never considered any of them. I believed that I could do everything on my own and that my effort was enough. Until my friend came to my house to bring me her first self-made cookies that she learned to bake that day in some of the baking classes. She was overwhelmed with the whole experience, from the kitchen that every woman could wish for, to the chef who had so much patience to teach her and the other people who attended every trick he knew, to the new friendships she made. Trust me, if she is right, next time I am going with her.

Two of us aren’t from NYC, but according to the Class Curious and Insider Monkey, these are 8 recreational baking classes in NYC that every NYC citizen should definitely attend.

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