8 States With The Most Total Executions: 2020 Rankings

Today we have brought up with a thrilling topic, the compilation of 8 states with the most total executions in 2020. Lots of countries have already banned the capital punishment, but it’s not true for the United States of America. There are still states, where we can find death penalty. Death sentence has existed for thousands of years all over the world. These executions were extremely cruel, that we can’t even imagine in our modern world. People were executed only for stealing a hen, for instance.

Capital punishment got siginificant role in the United Sates in the 17th century, and the numbers of executions increased in the 18th and 19th century, and it grew exponentially in the 20th century. One creepy fact: in the end of the 19th century 4,000 people were executed in the United States, while in the 20th century the number of executions reached 8,000.

Death sentence has been one of the most controversial issues recently, especially that it is declared to be against the human rights. But lots of people ask what kind of human rights should a cruel, serial killer have? If he didn’t let the victims off, why should the society forgive him? On the other hand there are cases, when somebody is wrongly convicted, and if he is executed it can’t be undone.

Since 1976, when the capital punishment was reinstated, 1518 inmates were executed, in 35 states. More than half of them were executed in only three states. And now, after this brief introduction, let’s see what are the 8 states with the most total exacutions in 2020.


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8. Ohio

Legal injection was the cause of 56 inmates’ execution in Ohio. One of the most notorious inmates was Marvallous Keene who killed 6 people. It was knwon as the ‘Christmas Killings’.

7. Alabama

There have been 67 people executed in Alabama, and now there are 182 inmates on death row now.

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6. Georgia

Capital punishment was deemed unconstitutional in Georgia, but death sentence was reinstated here. Since then 76 people were executed in this state. Presently, 41 people are awaiting their fate on death row.

5. Missouri

90 people died by execution in Missouri, and there was only one woman. Bonnie Heady and her boyfriend kidnapped and killed a young boy. They were both executed.

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4. Florida

We are half way on our list of 8 states with the most total executions in 2020. Florida has almost reached the 100 hundred limit, as there have been 99 executed people. However, 83 people are awaiting on death row in Florida.

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has more than 100 executions, actually 112. But according to Insider Monkey’s research, there weren’t any executions in the last five years here.

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2. Virginia

Virginia has had 113 executions. The most famous one was of John Allen Muhammad, who was responsible for 10 people’s death in 2002.

1. Texas

Texas hits the top on the list of the 8 states with the most total executions in 2020. The last exacution was in February, 2020.

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