9 Beauty Pageants in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Are you foxy ladies ready to join any of 9 beauty pageants in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut?

Every little girl dreams of wearing a tiara one day and be one of the world’s famous most beautiful girl in the world. Some parents try to make this dream come true to their princesses since the early age and sign them up for some competition such as toddlers and tiaras if you ever saw that show.


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This really is a great way for little girls to learn how to be little ladies but I really don’t support all that make up and chemicals in their hair. It is awful even when we are talking about adult women and not to even mention children. But everyone does what he / she means it is best for their child. Who am I to judge?

These competitions for little girls came out from the competition that is on for a long time. These beauty pageants are among us for decades and we saw many types of girls during that time on big screens. But you need to know that only being beautiful doesn’t really mean anything if you have no brain at all. You know how many models are said to be stupid? Well, they have their pictures in a newspaper, they are seen in commercials, but the stereotype is that they are not smart at all. Well to win the pageant, you need to be both attractive, capable, and smart.

Judges on these beauty pageants give you points based on looks, figure, walk, talk, talent, and the knowledge. Ok, you don’t need to be the nuclear scientist, although it wouldn’t harm, you need to know about different cultures, history, music etc. The most desirable woman in the world is not just the one to be looked at. It is the one to be admired. The one to be dreamt of. The one that is the dream, a real dream. The one that knows when to relax, that is beautiful but not fake and plastic. The one that is shy enough to be intrigued and casual enough to be able to be talked to. I know, it sounds complicated. Like dating. When you think about it, it is like it. You are one of many and you need to beat the competition by winning a guy and his crowd.

Nevertheless, here is the list of 9 beauty pegeants in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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