9 Best Gay Movies Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

A colleague of mine is obsessed with emphasizing his sexuality and the fact that he is homosexual (like it is something really big and unique), which, naturally, made him the perfect choice for counting down the pics for 9 best gay movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

One thing I don’t get – what makes some movie gay? Just because the main character is a gay person or there are some gay scenes like same-gender kissing, it doesn’t mean that the movie is gay. All of the movies from nowadays have scenes of at least one same-sex act, so what? Does it mean that every movie streaming nowadays is gay? And when we have become this homophobic when we even split movies into gay and straight?!

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Men seem to be more homophobic in any sense, which includes movies as well. I did a thing, where I asked a couple of my male friends what makes some movie gay. The answers were surprising, at least to me. The scenes that they described were the scenes from some porn movies where men put whatever thing they found around them in themselves, which was disgusting just to listen about. But wouldn’t that make them real porn movies? And this would mean that every ’straight’ movie would include scenes of the entire sex act of two people, right? Ok, those movies exist, like movies where you can see the entire sex act of two people of the same gender, but those movies can only be broadcasted in the middle of the night or online. But THOSE ARE PORN MOVIES PEOPLE!

According to every research, the only thing that makes some movie gay is the fact that the main character(s) is(are) gay and nothing else. They can all also be comedy, drama, action etc. And they can all be stared by straight people.

For example, GBF, movie released in 2014 is actually a teen movie that tracks down two teenage boys where one of them, although straight, is declared as gay, while his friend is struggling to come out of the closet. Personally, I still love watching teen movies, and this one was one of my top 10. And I am not gay. So how come can I watch it? Because we are not separate population, no matter what anyone says. Like gay people can watch movies with straight main characters, straight people can watch movies with gay main characters. It is as simple as that. And, believe it or not, NO GAY SEX SCENES.

Now, when I have your full intention and understanding, I am now presenting you 9 best gay movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to prove you wrong and for everyone else to enjoy!

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