9 Best Imported Beer In 2020

Everyone who loves beer, come here quickly, as we are going to speak about the 10 best imported beer in 2020! I think we don’t need to say any more that Insider Monkey has done its best again, with this topic. As the weather is hot outside, and all of us like to rest in the shade, I frimly believe that a glass of cold beer is the best choice to drink! There’s nothing new if we say that Americans love drinking beer. According to a USAToday article, in 2018 6,3 billion gallons of beer were consumed, which means that every adult drank around 26,2 gallons a year.

Beer is on of the most preferred alcoholic drink among Americans, and according to the Time, around 40% of alcohol consumers chose beer as their favourite drink. Beer has lots of origin, flavors and tastes. Also we can find craft beers which are in rise in the market, as more and more people seek them on the shelves of the supermarkets, or they like to visit small breweries. As for the import beer sales, it has increased by 6.1% last year, but domestic beer sales still decline, which is a surprising fact.

Most of the imported beer in Amercia comes from foreigner countries such as Mexico, Belgium, Germany, and Ireland. Mexican brands are still very popular in the US. Then fruity flavors and light lagers are also popular among beer lovers, so these beers lead the market. But this list is not only for showing the best imported beers by numbers, but it’s also a good opportunity for you to try something new, you haven’t drunk before.

So you don’t have anything else to do but to check out our list of the 9 best imported beer in 2020!

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9. Pacifico

Pacifico, this Mexican beer, is the first one on this list, and deserves its place. It has a special, grass-citrus and ocean mist taste. It’s imported by Crown Impors, Chicago.

8. Guinness Draught

Every each of us who loves beer, know Guinness very well, this Irish Stout. It has a long-standing tradition, and in 2017 it had a sales of 60 million USD in the States.

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TECATE, wich was named after a Mexican city, got the seventh place on our list today. It is sols 16 countries across the blobe, as well as every State.

6. Stella Artios

It’s a Belgian brew, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. It has become one of the most popular beers across the United States. It showed large growth in sales, due to Stella Artois, Budweiser, and Corona brands.

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5. Dos Equis XX Lager Especial

We are half way on our list of 9 best imported beer in 2020. Now, the fifth place is given to Dos Euis, which is a golden oilsner style beer, and it comes from Mexico, such as Corona. Its taste is balanced and smooth. 

4. Corona Light

It’s a good version of light beers, so if you prefer light ones, this is the perfect one for you! It contains only 99 calories and 4.1% alcohol. It’s aroma is full with fruit and honey.

3. Modelo Especial

It’s top beer in Chicago, and the brand earns mor than 20 million bucks in the United States by selling it.

2. Heineken

It’s a Dutch beer made by Heineken International. It’s said to be Europe’s top selling beer, but as for me, I don’t really like this beer, as it seems very featureless for me. It doesn’t have full taste for me.

1. Corona Extra

Corona Extra is produced by Grup Modello, in Mexico and it’s imported by Constellation Brands. This beer got the first place on our list of the 9 best imported beer in 2020.

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