9 Best Places To Visit In USA In November

The new decade has just started, but we can also make plans for this year, so we have come up with a great list of the best places to visit in the USA in November. Winter rules the weather and our everdyday life now, but spring will come soon, and in many aspects spring is similar to autumn. If we can visit a place in fall, why couldn’t we do that in spring, too?

November is a month when it’s not too cold yet, but the nature has turned into its sleeping mode. The weather is still appropriate for hiking or just walking in the forest or in the countryside. In October and November still there are lots of programs in the cities, that we can enjoy. If you plan to travel to these places you may need the services of companies such as Ctrip.Com International Ltd (NASDAQ:CTRP), Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BKNG),  Tripadvisor Inc (NASDAQ:TRIP), and Expedia Group Inc (NASDAQ:EXPE). These companies will help make your experience smoother.

But now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for us about the best places to visit in the USA in November.

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9. Adirondacks

If you love outdoor activities, this is the perfect place for you! Although it’s around New York, but it has all the wonderful sceneries that are important for an excellent journey, such as mountains, lakes, nice weather. No wonder it got its place on our list now. In November you can admire the changing of nature while enjoying the great weather. Nevertheless you should be careful as the temperature can drop dramatically.


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8. Jackson Hole

This city is really great to be visited in November, thanks to its great weather at this time of the year.  Temperatures range between 30 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during fall. You can go hiking or choose one of the great restaurants or cafés in the city. On thin is sure: you won’t regret coming here.


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7. Charleston, South Carolina

The weather is still pleasant in November, so it’s really worth visiting here in autumn. The city also offers several festivals and fairs at this time of year, which is also very attractive for the tourists coming here. There are also the foods and cultural experiences that you can enjoy in Charleston.

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6. Telluride

Telluride is in Miami and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in November. You can find great opportunities for hiking. Another famous tourist attractions is the local horror film festival called the Telluride Horror Show, which is held at around this time of the year.


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5. Palm Springs, California

We are half way on our list of the best places to visit in the USA in November. The next place is Palm Springs. The weather in November here is very similar to spring throughout the United states, so if you are fond of spring – and everything that comes together with this beautiful season, come to Palm Springs! Because of the weather it’s a very popular tourist destination in November, there are lots of excellent restaurants, such as Truss & Twine and Workshop. You can choose among lots of activities, such as hiking and ascycling. Also you can find great hotels and Airbnbs as well.

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4. Yellowstone

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous destinations in the world, no wonder that large number of tourists come here every year. If you visit here in November you can see the nature turning from summer into autumn and you can admire the peace and silence of nature. You can enjoy several arresting and exciting activites In Yellowstone park, such as fishing, and hiking.

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3. Sedona Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is really famous for its mesmerizing canyon, and natural beauties. November is ideal time of the year to visit here and enjoy what the nature can give you. In November the weather is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it makes your staying here very enjoyable. You can find many cultural events in the city as well, such as the Day of the Dead celebrations, which are held annually at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. These celebrations run from October to November.

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2. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has lots of wonderful landscapes, and mountainous countryside that it’s among the most popular tourists places in the USA. It’s also a favourite destination for beer lovers, as it’s home to around 100 breweries. In November the weather is pleasant for having long walks, or enjoying the attracts this region offers to you.

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1. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is so spectacular that it’s hard to describe. It’s natural beauties are amazing and is the best journey in October and November. Imagine yourself as driving, riding or just simple walking under the blue sky in this wonderful countríside and enjoy the deep of Mother Nature. In autumn the weather is pleasant not too cold, but not too hot. The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful őlaces in the US – it’s really worth visiting it.

It was our list of the best places to visit in the USA in November. We hope you enjoyed it, and you will choose several of them to go.

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