9 Classic Poems for Children to Memorize

We can all complain, but we really had a great childhood. And our children deserve it too. So, when you decide to take all the electronic devices from your child or just want to take some rest while your child is being held in front of YouTube, here are 9 classic poems for children to memorize for you to get him or her addicted to.

I can’t remember what kind of entertainment we had as kids whenever we went somewhere with our parents where we had to stay in line. All I know is that our parents managed to hold us tight and that we were unable to move anywhere from them. I don’t know if it was the fear or whatever else, but they seemed to handle us without any problem.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Nowadays, when I bring my child to the doctor’s office, I can’t sit for a minute. He wants to check all the pictures on the wall, watches TV, goes through halls, and, by the law, I can’t yell at him. Sure, I manage to keep him still for a while but it doesn’t last long. After all, he is a child and he is extremely active. There is no point of keeping him still because I know that he will become nervous and that I will make the situation even worse. So, I am on my feet no matter how long it takes.
But when I look around, I see most of the children sitting next to their parents. They don’t move, they barely speak, and they all play with their parents’ phones. Of course, I don’t plan on doing it because I grew up without a phone and I know that my child is completely capable of living without one in his third year of life. And even though I feel like a fool chasing around while all the other parents rest and enjoy their coffees in the waiting room, I don’t really think that giving them your phone is the right solution. They will become inactive, with no skills for socialization whatsoever, and, besides you benefiting from taking some rest while they are occupied with your phones, I don’t really get it.
Of course, there are situations where it is completely OK to give your child a phone just to make him still, but those are really rare cases. Wouldn’t it be better if we brought them tradition? I get it, times change and it is completely normal for new generations to change as well. But there are things that should never be changed. For example, 9 classic poems for children to memorize.

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