9 Countries That Consume the Most Beer in 2020

Today we are bringing you a very tasty article about the 9 countries that consume the most beer in 2020. Drinking alcoholic baverages have never been the privilege of the rich in the history, as from the simple workers to the richest family ever – everybody has consumed some kind of alcohol. For instance in the middle age the waters in the settlements were so dirty and polluted due to the lack of the wastewater treatment that everyone drank beer or wine instead of water. Therefore we can say the middle age swam in alcohol rapture from the children to antediluvians – really everybody.

Among alcoholic beverages, without a shadow a doubt – beer is the most populat one, partly because it’s inexpensive, partly because it’s a very refreshing, tasty drink. On the other hand, you can consume much more beer than the others without getting drunk and having hangover the next day. In 2018 globally, around 3 billion of 500 ml cans of beer was consumed. Anyhow, you will see that most of the countries in this compilation are Europeans.

As for me, I don’t really consume any alcoholic drinks except for some beer, rarely a little wine and champagne. But actually, beer is a very good choice in a hot summer afternoon, when I get tired after working long hours in the garden; or it’s a great feeling to go to a pub with my friends just to chill out a little, have conversations a good time.

Now, lean back comfotably in your armchair, hold a glass of good beer in hand, and come with us to check out the 9 countries that consume the most beer in 2020.

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9. United Kingdom

British people extremely love beer, and going to pubs after work has a really long tradition here.


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8. Austria

Austrian beers have had a long-standing tradition, and they are very proud of their local beers.

There will be a lot of European countries in the list of the countries which consume the most beer in 2020, and Austria is no exception, with the second highest per capita consumption in the world.

7. Romania

If you visit this country, don’t forget to try the local beers sold everywhere they are not only delicious but very popular, too.


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6. Mexico

Mexico is famous for its beer-loving culture, as this alcoholic drink has been consumed for more than 600 years.

5. United States of America

Americans seem to like beer more and more, as there are more European beers are imported to the US. Heineken and Budweiser are among the most popular beers in the United States.


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4. Czech Republic

Actually, Czech beers are one of the bests in the world, and this nation not only like producing beer, but to consume, too. They generally drink more than 80 liters per capita, that’s why they were on the top of the list for 26 years.

3. Spain

Spanish people love beer and in the catering industry 40% of consumed alcholic drinks comes from beer.


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2. Poland

Polish people are known for loving alcoholic drinks, especially hard ones, but they also like and consume lots of beer , that’s why they got the second spot on this compilation.

1. Germany

Without a shadow of a doubt, Germany hits the top on the list of the 9 countries which consume the most beer in 2020. Germany is the home to the famous Octoberfest, where millions of mugs of beer are consumed year by year. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, this year the Octoberfest won’t be held.


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