9 Countries That Smoke The Least

We can see that global smoking habits tend to decrease as Insider Monkey’s latest compilation of the 9 countries that smoke the least show us. Who wouldn’t have heard about the harmful effects of smoking? Smoking is one of the few legal drugs that are available across the globe. At first it ruins your health, then it ruins your life. Yet, there are millions of people in the world, who are smoking at the right moment when I am writing this article now. There are also millions of people who have lung cancer related to smoking.

It’s commendable that governemnts try to control smoking in almost all the countries, nevertheless I think they are very hypocritical. At first they levy taxes on cigarettes, and they swallow that huge amount of money every year, then they try to control smoking. In my home country there won’t be menthol flavoured cigarettes available from May, saying they’re extremely harmful. I agree, but all the cigarettes are harmful, so there’s no point in blaming only one type of cigarettes.

We could see campaigns against smoking in the last decades, and they have proven to be pretty successful. Now, in 2020 it’s very strange to see in an older film that guests smoked in the host’s house without asking them, oe people smoked in restaurants and cafés. More and more countries have banned smoking in public places in the last 15 years or so, and we really welcome this regulation. However I must confess that I smoke, too, although couple of months ago I managed to decrease smoking from one package of cigarettes per day to one package a week, which was a great achievement.

What do you think how big the decrease was? In fact, between 2000 and 2015 the number of smokers decreased 29 million globally! Nevertheless there are still a billion people in the world (I am one of them) who continue this harmful habit. Which countries would you think smoke the least? You may be surprised or may not, here will come the 9 countries now according to Insider Monkey’s investigation:
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9. Swaziland

Male smokers: 9.5%

Female smokers: 0.8%

Since November 2013 there has been a comrehensive Act to control tobbacco consuming, which seems to be working, as less than 10% men smoke, while only 0.8% of women do.


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8. Eritrea

Male smokers: 10.2%

Female smokers: 0.6%

There are few people are in the country who smoke, but according to Insider Monkey’s research, there are more than smoking related 900 deaths a year.

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7. Ethiopia

Male smokers: 5.2%

Female smokers: 1.1%

There only a few people can be found who smoke, as there are lows around tobacco control.

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6. Sao Tome and Principe

Male smokers: 6.2%

Female smokers: 1%

6% of males smokes in Sao TOme and Principe, so there can be done a little bit more to discourage them from smoking. However, among females smoking is not a significant cultural habit.

Sao Tome and Principe is a medium HDI country which has made continuous progress in its attempt to curb smoking. However, more can be done to discourage the male smokers, with 6% of the male population smoking cigarettes.

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5. Barbados

Male smokers: 9.1%

Female smokers: 0.7%

Barbados is an amazing part of the world, what’s more it can be the heaven of the non-smokers as well, as there are not too many people smoke. This is mainly because smoking is banned in the public places.


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4. Cameroon

Male smokers: 9.1%

Female smokers: 0.5%

9.1% of men are in the habit of smoking in Cameroon, but only 0,1% of the female population light a cigarette regularly, which is an ideal situation for those, who are non-smokers as well.

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3. Senegal

Male smokers: 9.7%

Female smokers: 0.3%

Senegal is on the third placa of this list now as there are few people smoke, due to the smoking bans in many places.

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2. Ghana

Male smokers: 9.5%

Female smokers: 0.3%

There is an arresting fact about Ghana: it has an active tobacco industry, yet smoking is not part of their cultural and social life. Only 0.3% of females smoke, which is an aoutstanding statistics!

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1. Sudan

Male smokers: 1.3%

Female smokers: 0.4%

Sudan is arguably on the top of the 9 countries that smoke the least. Sudan should be an excellent example for other countries to follow its smoking habits.

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