9 Easiest African Countries to Get Laid

If you like Africa, the black continent, you will be interested in the easiest African countries to get laid too.  For this occasion, we will show you around the most sexually active, and promiscuous countries.

When it comes to Africa, we generally think of stereotypes, such as poverty,  AIDS, STDs, shanty towns. But the truth is that Africa is much more than these stereotypes could describe it. There are beautiful countries, developing cities, friendly people – who just want to live their peaceful life with getting as many wonderful experiences as they can. This means they are exactly the same people like us. They love, work, struggle with difficulties – and they love sexual life, even casual sex. This is the point where we can connect to our main topic now.
We have already written articles about many countries relating to this issue, such as Europe, the US, etc. but now we highlight Africa in order to show you around in this magnificient continent. Insider Monkey’s investigation has shown us that South Africa and Nigeria are the sexually most active countries, so it’s easy to imagine who many sweet nights you can get if you travel these countries.
But don’t forget that these lists are just for fun, they don’t mean that all these countries are about sex and nothing else. They have amazing culture, lots of sights, friendly people, wonderful landscapes. We do recommend to choose a vacation sport by the countries beauties and culture, and if you are long for a spicy one night stand, it will be an extra thing.

Now without a further ado, let’s check what Insider Monkey have investigated for you about the easiest African countries to get laid. Have an enjoyable journey among these African countries.

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9. Senegal

Senegal is the first country on our list now. It has an exciting nightlife, but not as busy as other places. Nevertheless you will find partners for one night stands, as this country is really sexually active.


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8. South Africa

Johannesburg offers you number of opportunities to get laid, so if you have a wish like this, do not hesitate, and book your ticket.


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7. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has had a terrible civil war recently, but is is getting to recover from it. Anyhow, it’s cheap and safe to go there, and if you are long for one night stands, you will surely find some here.


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6. Tanzania

This country really gives you lots of chances, you just need to decide to visit it.

5. Sierra Leone

We are half way on our list of the easiest African countries to get laid, and the next country now is Sierra Leone. It is a very friendly place, they are regarded to be the  most liberal people in Africa, so you will have plenty of chances to have a spicy night with someone. 


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4. Guinea

Girls in Guinea are said to be the best ones in Africa,and if you think of that girls can  easily get laid, you can plan your next travel.


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3. The Gambia

They can speak English, so it will be easy to make yourself understood if you visit this country and want to have some casual sex.


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2. Ghana

You have two options in this country, if you want a one night stand. The first one is to pick up a local who can hardly wait to have casual sex with a foreigner, and the second one is that you can choose among the tourists here.


1. Liberia

The first country on the list of the easiest African country to get laid is Liberia. Although Liberia isn’t ranked high regarding to girl attractiveness, but one night stands can be reached easily. Tell us your opinion, which coutry would you visit?


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