9 Easiest and Fastest Car Rental Companies in the United States

If you love travelling but prefer going by car, we’ll show you Insider Monkey’s great compilation of  the 9 easiest and fastest car rental companies in US. If you need to travel across the United States, it’s much more comfortable to rent a car. One of the biggest advantage of renting a car is that you can take a flight between the destinations. Then, after landing you just rent a car, and can go on with your travels. There’s no need for waiting for a bus, or taking a taxi (which can be much more expensive), and after getting to your destination you can leave your rental car at one of the company’s office.

As renting a car is getting more and more popular nowadays, there are more and more companies dealing with renting. Millions of tourists choose this form of travelling throughout the whole world year by year. Even in the airports you can rent a car, and continue your travelling. Regarding to the tourism, this year is a very special and dramatic one. All of us had to face with the effects of coronavirus with having to stay at home, and tourism industry has an extremely huge decline. Some experts say that tourism industry needs at least two years to recover from this shock, and as it’s only July, we can’t know how long this pandemic will last. Gorvernments and scientists speak about the second wave of the pandemic, which makes everybody fear from this winter coming. Will we have to stay at home again? Will everything close again? Will people necessarily lose their jobs again? We don’t know.

What we know, that borders are open now, we can travel, we can enjoy the summer, the holidays. Therefore we may need the services of car rental companies. What do we need before booking our ride? Let’ see: at first if you travel abroad, you will need an International Driving Licence, and it’s also essential to choose one of the car insurance options. It’s also advisable to check out the road conditions you will drive in, such as the traffic conditions, tolls, taxes etc.

But now, we suggest enjoying your summer holidays, have a good yourney, and before setting out for your destination, check out this compilation of the easiest and fastest car rental companies in US.


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9. Budget

Budget is your best choice if you need economical rates, as they offer really good prices.

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This company offers the most premium cars at great prices, so if you need an excellent entry style, this company will be the best for you!

7. Dollar

Although Dollar is among the smaller rental companies, it has a great impact on the market, as it offers lower price ranges and  extremely good reward programs. If you rent a car week long, you will find unique deals here.

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6. Thrifty

Either you need family cars, or small cars – you will find everything at Thrifty. Helpful stuff, good prices – all these can be found here.

5. Avis

We are half way on our list of the 9 easiest and fastest car rental companies in US. It has good offers for small businesses, too. But if you are a tourist, you will also find great offers for you. 

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4. National

National is a company that offers good deals for business travellers. You won’t be disappointed if you choose this company.

3. Alamo

If you concern about your carbon footprint, we have good news for you! Alamo provides hybrid and electric cars on rent. You can also find a range of premium and economy cars at good prices.

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2. Hertz

Hertz has been in the business for more than 90 years! During this long period it proved its professionality in providing the best quality of services.

1. Enterprise

With having 6,000 locations in the United States – Enterprise got the first place on our list of the Easiest and Fastest Car Rental Companies in US. As customers have been extremely satisfied with this company it can boast of huge reputation.

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