9 Easiest Countries to Get Laid for an Indian

We have already written about getting laid in many countries for many people, but now we have selected some countries rom Insider Monkey’s list about the easiest countries to get laid for an Indian.

What chances does an Indian guy to get laid outside India? Well, a little bit fewer than an average white man. What’s more the situation in this country isn’t easy, as Indian people have less sex than those who live in the West. It is because of the cultural and social education, and if we think of forced and pre-arranged marriages we can see the situtation is even more complicated.

On the other hand, India’s sexual culture is very rich, especially if we consider it is the country where Kamasutra comes from. How come that yet this country is so strict to free sex nowadays? Since Kamasutra India has been influenced both by the Christian and Muslim religions. As Indian culture was influenced, the sexual behavior has changed since the ancient times. Therefore it’s not easy for an Indian to get laid, but now Insider Monkey have investigated some countries for you guys.

When it comes up to speak about getting laid for an Indian, South Africa and South America seem to be the best countries as you will see. But do not forget these lists are just for fun, and if you visit these countries, check out the culture, the sights, culinary art, delicious drinks and then – if you do want a one night stand – just make a trial. If you want to  be attractive for women, the first thing you should examine your personal approach to ladies, or we can say your charm on girls, and often (or sometimes) your wallet is important, yes.

You can see, that getting laid for an Indian may not be easy, but naturally not impossible, as there are many countries where Indian men are doubly welcomed. Now, without a furter ado, let’s check out the list of the easiest countries to get laid for an Indian. And they are:

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9. Morocco

Morocco is the first country on our list now, and although it’s a Muslim country, yet Indian guys have more chances to get laid there, as ladies seem to like Indian lovers.


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8. Jordan

Jordan offers you magnificient culture with lots of sights to see – and some spicy, hot nights with a beautiful woman if you wish.


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7. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a common border with India, they have very similar culture, so it offers you real possibilities to get laid there.


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6. Philippines

As the world changes, nowadays the younger Philippine generations seem to change the average, common sexual habbits as well. If you visit the country, you will surely have one night stands.


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5. Pakistan

We are half way on our list of easiest countries to get laid for an Indian. Believe it or not, but Pakistani girls like Indian men, and as the two countries share borders, they can often meet them.


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4. Malaysia

Malaysia is a really exotic country with large number of Indians working and living there, so you won’t be disappointed if you visit this country with the desire of having one night stands.


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3. Nigeria

Many African countries like and admire Bollywood, so if you want to have spicy nights with a foreigner, Nigeria will offer you opportunities for it.


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2. Brazil

Brazil is famous for its hot and sweet nights,and Brazilian women like good wines, suntan and casual sex. This country will offer you lots of opportunities to have a one night stand.


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1. Thailand

Thailand has got the first place now, as the number one country on the list of the easiest countries to get laid for an Indian. Thailand is well-known for the people’s cromiscuity, and you can find a large Indian community there. Which one have you visited so far?


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