9 Easiest European Countries to Get Laid – Top One Night Stand Countries

If you like traveling and you are long for some exotic casual sex with a foreigner, here’s an article from Insider Monkey about the  easiest European countries to get laid – top one night stand countries.

This time we will focus only on the European countries so we selected nine ones from Insider Monkey’s list. When speaking about Europe, we must mention, that not every European country is so open-minded that casual sex is highly accepted, like for example UK. For instance Hungarian people are not so opened for one night stands, nevertheless of course there are exceptions in this beautiful small country, too. Outside Europe, naturally we must mention Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries that are the hardest countries to get laid in the world.

But for now we have draw map for those who search those European countries where the easiest to get laid, and we’ll show them to you. Nevertheless you mustn’t forget about the health issues when speaking about one night stands. These short romances can easily end up with serious illnesses, if you don’t take care. So always take care of your safety.
You will see some nine European countries here now, but this doesn’t mean that if you visit this country you will meet only frivolous women who would die for sex with a stranger. There is no a reliable study in this field, therefore this list is based on some researches on the social media and so on.  Our list is made just for fun. Anyway, if you travel to Europe you should visit these countries, not only because of the possible spicy one night stands but because they are beautiful, spectacular and arresting.

And naturally we can speak about the  best countries for one night stands, and ladies who love sex, even casual sex, or we can mention several social media research, but your success doesn’t depend on all these, but on your personal approach, your character, inner features, and – we mustn’t forget to mention your money, yes. But if you like sexcapades, don’t hesitate to travel to these countries.

Now without a further ado, let’s check out the list of easiest European countries to get laid – top one night stand countries.


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9. Russia

Moscow is a wonderful city and is also popular vacation spot for those who want some one night stands. Everybody agrees that Russian women are really beautiful.


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8. Germany

German ladies are very open-minded and absolutely don’t mind casual sex. Therefore Germany is and ideal spot for getting experiences in one night stands.


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7. UK

UK is really famous for the promiscuity of the people who live here. Ladies are good looking, and are easy to take to bed.


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6. Belarus

Minsk is among the vacation spots where tourists like to visit because of the possibility of getting laid easily. One night stands are not far from the beautiful women who live here.


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5. Poland

We are half way on our list of easiest European countries to get laid – top one night stand countries. Poland is the home of beautiful and easygoing ladies, who don’t mind one night stands. So if you are planning to travel to Europe, don’t miss to visit this country where you may have a sweet and hot night with a flirty lady.

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4. Sweden

Adult film industry is a very profitable one in Sweden. Sex and even casual sex is not taboo for the women of this country, which gave it the fourth place on our list now.


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3. Iceland

Iceland may be a cold country, but ladies are hot there, as they pretty enjoy casual sex with a completely foreigner. Perhaps it will be your next vacation destination, what do you think?


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2. Finland

Women in Finland like to have one night stands, as they are open-minded and appear to love sex, even if it’s casual sex.


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1. Ukraine

Ukraine is on the first place on the list of the easiest European country to get laid – top one night stand country . There are lots of beautiful women here that don’t mind some hot and spicy affairs and one night stands. We hope you have found this article enjoyable.


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