9 Easiest Instruments For Adults To Learn On Their Own

If you are planning to learn a new musical instrument, but don’t know which one to choose, we are here to help you with the list of the 9  easiest instruments for adults to learn on their own. It’s the beginning of the new year, so it’s time you  realized your dream – learn to play an instrument.

Insider Monkey’s latest article brings you to the world of the instruments, – a world that I loved.The instruments are usually most widely classified into winded instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments, and in modern times we need to mention the electronic instruments. Most of them require excellent finger work, like all string instruments. Winded instruments add another layer of cooperation between finger work and breathing technique, while percussionists ought to have an exceptional sense of rhythm. When Is was younger I played the bassoon, which I extremely loved. As for me, my favorite instruments are the winded instruments, especially the wood-winded ones.

If you someone wants to be a professional musician, then the sooner they begin to learn it, the better. Generally they usually have to start it during childhood. But if you tend to play just for fun, it’s never too late to start! Here, you will see couple of insttruments that you can learn on your own, but as for me I would advise you to look for a teacher.

So without a further ado, let’s check out together the list of the 9  easiest instruments for adults to learn on their own.

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9. The Cello

The first musicial instrument on our list is the cello. As for me, it is among the most wonderfully sounding instruments. Although it’s not cheap, but it’s worth purchasing it, if you can afford it. After some practising you will be able to charm your audience.

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8. The violin

According to Insider Monkey’s investigation the violin is pretty easy to play, but as for me, I can’t quite agree with it. In my opinion violin is difficult to play, or at least it’s difficult to play professionally, but of course everybody, or almost everybody can reach some kind of level with lots of practising.


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7. Xylophone

The xylophone perhaps is not the most popular instrument, but as it’s relatively easy to play, and as it is not expensive, it may be a great choice if you want to play a new instrument. It’s also a very good option for children as well.

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6. The harmonica

When it comes the harmonica, a film comes to my mind: Once Upon a Time in the West. I think I will never forget its music. The harmonica has several advantages: its small, inexpensive and easy to learn to play on it. 


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5. The bongo drums

We are half way through our list of the 9 easiest instruments for adults to learn on their own, and now here are the bongo drums for you! Believe it or not, but playing the bongos solo is extremely entertaining, so if you are fond of the drums, you need to try them! Another good thing about the bongos: they also require very little maintenance.

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4. The Flute

The flute is one of the musical intruments with the most charming sounds. As for me, it is among my favorite ones, like the trumpet. It’s also inexpensive (but there are extremely expensive ones, too) and a compact instrument you can buy, so if you have postponed to purchase an instrument, don’t hesitate any more. And if you like Irish music, that’s another good reason to choose the flute, as Irish composers use the flute a lot.

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3. The trumpet

I think lots of people envy jazz players while they are playing the trumpet. Well, there’s good news for you, as Insidier Monkey have investigated that it’s not so difficult to learn to play the trumpet. Telling you the truth, I can’t really agree with it, as I think palying the trumpet isn’t easy. But if you are a jazz fan, this wonderfully sounding instrument will really please you. As for me, the trumpet is one of my favorites.


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2. The keyboard

If you long for playing the piano, but you are on the budget – well, we have good news for you! You can still learn how to play without spending so much money on a piano. If you have a keyboard, you can play wonderful tunes, and yet you don’t need to spend so much money. If you practice industriously, you will be able to hold your audience soon.

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1. The Ukulele

The ukulele looks like a small guitar, but there are fewer strings, as it has only four, instead of six ones. It means that it’s a little easier to learn to play it. It’s also less expensive than a regular guitar. If you want to play a stringed instrument, but you find the guitar difficult, ukulele will be your best choice.

This was our list of the 9 easiest instruments for adults to learn on their own, we hope you managed to find your instrument now!


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