9 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

What are the easiest medical schools to get into? So you have just decided to enroll into a medical school and now you are wondering where to go. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find some useful suggestions about this topic. In their article you can read which medical schools have the lowest GPA rate or highest acceptance rate, so you can use the article as a guide.

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It is very important to choose the best school for yourself, as it will influence the quality of education, your future career – and of course your overall educational experience. Therefore Insider Monkey created their list with those schools that are easy to get in but yet the quality of education is high. You can find also a short insight into the medical school admission requirements, as well as some basic information about the length of medical studies and life of a medical student. Generally medical studies last for four years, plus the residency years. The length of required hospital residency for surgeons can vary from three years to eight. Of course this period is very busy with learning the essential experience you will need for your further career, but you have enough free time for socializing, too. Medical students work hard and these studies are demanding but it is worth working so much.

We have picked three medical schools from Insider Monkey’s list: University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine; Oklahoma College of Medicine, and Mercer School of Medicine. University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine has the average GPA of 3,75, an acceptance rate of 10,7%, and the tuition fee is $30,975. The average GPA is not too high at this school, but the acceptance rate is very promising. If the tuition fee doesn’t mean a problem for you, this medical school will be the best choice for you. The next one is Oklahoma College of Medicine. The tuition of $23,363 is relatively low here. The average GPA is 3,74, which is the second highest average GPA in the list. The acceptance rate is 10,8% at this school. At last but not least we mention Mercer School of Medicine, where the acceptance rate is 10,4%. This makes this school one of schools with the lowest admission rates on Insider Monkey’s list. The tuition fee is relatively high; the total amount is $41,757.

For any further interesting and useful information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the easiest medical schools to get into.

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