9 Easiest Popular Songs to Play on Piano

If you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, now we have come up with a great compilation of the 9 easiest popular songs to play on piano. Insider Monkey have made a nice research four you to find the easiest ones.

Playing on a musical instrument is one of the best things in life, I think. It flies you far away from the problems of everyday life, brings you together with other people and teaches you lots of thing, such as accuracy and self-control. We need self-control in our life, and we need it while we are practising on a musical instrument. As the famous Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály said: “We can live without music, as there are roads across the desert, too. But why we should go there, if we can walk through flourishing gardens as well?”

When I was younger, I played the bassoon for many years. This was one of the best period of my life. We formed a chamber music group with my friends. There was one of who played the flute, the other played the piano, the clarinet and there was a friend of mine, who played the bassoon, too. They were very happy times, we came together every Saturday, played joyful music, drank tea, ate cakes and had a very, very good time! If you haven’t tried it yet, I really suggest that you should!

We already published articles about the easiest musical instruments to learn, and if you check them out, you will find that piano is always among them. Well, we must say that it’s never easy to play on a musical instrument professionnally, but as a hobby – almost everybody can learn to play.

Now without a further ado, let’s check what Insider Monkey have investegated for us about the 9 easiest popular songs to play on piano.

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9. Au Claire de la lune

Our first song is Au Claire de la lune which is an 18th century French folk song, and it’s one of the first songs that beginners usually learn to play. If you haven’t tried to learn it yet, now it’s your turn to do so.

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8. Fallin

It was Alicia Key’s debut song in 2001. Due to the repeating melody, it can be learned quite easily and quickly.

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7. Let it Be

Let it Be is the first song by Beatles on our list. It only needs us to repeat the chords C-G-Am-F, which is followed by C-G-F-C.

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6. Shadowfall

Shadowfall is the sixth song on our list. It can be played even if you are a beginner, so do not hesitate, try to learn it even today!

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5. All Of Me

We are half way through our list of the 9 easiest popular songs to play on piano. The next one is All of Me. This song won’t be very difficult for you to learn.  The left hand only plays one note, while for the intro, we have chords consisting of two notes only, F-C and F-Db.

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4. When I Was Your Man

Now I am listening to this song by Bruno Mars. This song is a proof that many times only one musical instrument is absolutely enough. If you like this song, try to learn it, you will surely hold your audience!

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3. How to Save a Life

This is an amazing and moving song, which can be played on piano very easily, so it doesn’t need to much effort to learn.

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2. Thinking Out Loud

This song can be easily learnt, sot it’s really worth trying to play it.

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1. Yesterday

The top song on our list of the 9 easiest popular songs to play on piano is Yesterday,  by the Beatles. This song is one of the best and saddest one ever, and if you can learn to play arpeggio, you will be successful to play this song, too.

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