9 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing

In order to make these days happier, we have brought up with a rocky list of 9 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing. Insider Monkey has investigated a great list for us, so we don’t need to do anything else, but to check out all these good numbers, and choose some of them to sing.

If you like to sing, or go to a karaoke bar, you may have your own lineup, but we surely can recommend some new songs for you! Going to a karaoke bar is a cool pastime, when you are fed up with all that work all day long, and having debates with customers and your boss. So you go to a bar, to meet friends, eat and drink something before starting to sing.

Without a shadow of a doubt that Freddy Mercury’s vocal is one of the most well-known and greatest of all the time. Millions of people grew up whil listening to the songs of The Queen, amd millions of fans visited their concerts. According to your voice, style, or level of singing – these songs are easy enough to pick up and charm your audience.

There are large amount of songs you can choose from, and undoubtedly Queen has one of the most hits ever. But their songs are frequently too difficult to sing, nevertheless you can find lots of them easy enough to try. There are songs that better suit to male voices, but if you are a female, you don’t need to lose heart, because you will find songs for yourself, too.

And now without a further ado, let’s check out the list of the 9 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing.

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9. Dear Friends 

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

It’s a beautiful ballad, and is not difficult to pick up. Great choice, your audience will love it!

8. Melancholy Blues

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

“Melancholy Blues” is easier to sing it for a woman, but it can fit for a man, too, if he can cope with higher notes.

7. Somebody to Love

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

Here’s another easy song, you will like to sing it.

6. You’re My Best Friend 

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

It is nice and not too difficult song, with a low range, it’s worth trying to sing it.

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5. We Will Rock You

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

We are half way on our list of 9 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing. Perhaps it is the most well-known song of The Queen, I suppose there’s no a single person out there who wouldn’t know it. It’s a really winner one, if you try it, you will see!

4.  Love of My Life 

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

“Love of My Life” may seem to be hard for the first moment, but as a matter of fact it’s pretty easy for females. If you like this song, don’t hezitate and try to sing it.

3. These are the Days of Our Lives

Level of Difficulty – Easy

“These are the Days of Our Lives” is an evergreen favourite song to sing at parties, and concerts. If you are a man or you are alto, this is your song.

2.  “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” stands on the second place on our list today, as it’s catchy and moderately difficult to sing. It is sung at many karaoke parties in the world, you should try it, too!

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1. Someday One Day 

Level of Difficulty – Easy

Someday One Day is regarded to be the  Easiest Queen Songs to Sing. Even if you are a beginner, don’t have to be shy to sing it. This was our list of Queen songs, we hope you could choose some for you.

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