9 Highest Paid CEOs in the World in 2020

So who is the highest paid person in the world 2019? Well you’ll have to check out our list to find out. The highest paid CEO 2019 has even outearned the other 9 put together! However, if you want to learn about the highest paid CEO in India alone, then that title would go to Mukesh Ambani, owner and CEO of Reliance Industries, who is perhaps more famous for throwing ostentatiously extravagant weddings and building the most expensive home in the entire world. In fact, he is also the richest man in all of Asia, with a net worth of 59.4 billion USD. However, our list consists exclusively of CEOs of US companies. We looked at some of the biggest companies globally and yet the compensations afforded to their CEOs did not compare to the earnings of US CEOs.Seeing the huge amount of these CEO’s earnings, the compilation of the 9 highest paid CEOs in the world in 2020 shows that disparity of income is a real phenomena in our world. We have always been said that only will and hard work that matter if we want to achieve our dreams and plans – but checking out the data shows that it’s absolutely not true.

I think the only factor that counts in our future is where we were born. The impact of the family, the family circumstances, wealth, opportunities from the very young age, and many other factors are important. There are several almost incredible stories when people with only some cents in their pocket, came across the United States, and now they are billionaires. However, most of them were born in the appropriate family, in the appropriate time. But back to our compilation, it can’t be surprising for many that the top 1% in the United States can have more income than the bottom 90% altogether. It’s a really sobering but not unknown fact, I think.

One thing is true, it’s really pays off to be a CEO. Checking out this list, you won’t find major names here, who are CEos of some of the biggest compenies, such as Larry Page, or Mark Zuckerberg, because they prefer stock options, instead of taking high salaries from their company. Otherwise, Steve Jobs and Larry Page are famous for taking an oficial $1 annual salary. Nevertheless, we don’t need to fear for them either.

So who are the highest paid CEOs in the world now? You will get to know if you read this compilation!

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9. Fabrizio Freda

Annual earnings: $48,164,302. He is the CEO of Estée Lauder (NYSE: EL). He got the CEO position in 2009, and since then he increased the company’s reputation.

8. James Heppelman

Annual earnings $49,969,163. He is the leader of PTC Inc. (NASDAQ: PTC). He has had an excellent career through his life with several accolades.

7. Robert A. Iger

He got only the seventh place with his annual income of $65,645,214. Robert A. Iger is the CEO of Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS). He got the CEO position in 2005, and since then Diseny has bought several famous brands, such as Marvel Entertainment, Pixar and Lucas Films.

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6. John J. Legere

His annual inome is $66,538,206.  John J. Legere, CEO of T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS). T-Mobile is the third largest wireless network company in the US.

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5. Safra A. Catz

Another unbelievable annual earning: $108ighest,282,333. Safra A. Catz is the only woman on our list, she is the CEO of Oracle (NYSE: ORCL). However he had significant decrease in salary, she still remained the highest paid female CEO in the United States.

4. Mark V. Hurd (Deceased)

His amazing earning in a year was $108,295,023. Under Hurd’s leadership, Oracle’s cloud business grew 82% within one single year.

3. Nikesh Arora

His annual earnings: $125,068,836, which is an incredible huge ampunt of money. He is  the CEO of Paolo Alto Network (NYSE: PANW) which is an American multinational cybersecurity company, providing advanced firewalls. He got this top position two years ago, in June, 2018, earlier he worked for several companies, such as  T-Mobile, Google, Softbank Group.

2. David M. Zaslav

As his annual earning is over $129,499,005, David : Zaslav got the second place on our list. He is the CEO of  Discovery (NASDAQ: DSCA), a mass media company.

1. Elon Musk

His annual earnings: $2,284,044,884. This is an amount that is even hard to say, but imagine someone can make such a large amount of money is totally impossible.  He is the CEO of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA). Two years ago, in 2018 Tesla ranked the best selling plug-in cars manufacturer, and without a shadow of a doubt their future will be more and more prosperous.

This was our compilation of the 9 highest paid CEOs in the world, we hope you enjoyed our article.

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