9 Highest Paying Trades in Canada

If you ever considered Canada great place to live in, here are 9 highest paying trades in Canada to check out.

Of course, I knew about the existence of Canada. I knew how their flag looked like and where it was positioned. But I never knew anything specific. I believe that we learned something in school, obviously, but my memory is really weak. To be honest, I never paid too much attention to something that I wasn’t interested in and Canada was one of those things.


Pixabay/Public Domain

I always saw myself in primary school as a next scientist. I was into math, physics, and chemistry, but I struggled with inter me because I also liked foreign languages and writing. By the time I got to high school when I studied foreign languages but also literature and rhetoric, I have decided that my calling has something to do with either law or psychiatry. At the end of the day, there wasn’t enough money to send me anywhere to school, so I stayed in my hometown to become a teacher. Luckily, I can always use my degree in writing and foreign languages, just for my soul and create a business out of it, since I don’t really see myself as a kindergarten teacher.

The majority of things I have learned about Canada were from the show How I Met Your Mother. I know, it is stupid but who says that sitcoms can’t be educational? I also learned that nothing good happens after 2 in the morning, which I also learned on my skin. But let’s go back to Canada. I learned that Canadian people are the most polite people in the world. They know how to apologize and help each other out. They know how to care about the others. They respect each other and, when they have their own businesses, they tend to create a more suitable environment to help the others, whether it is something like organizing charities or finding new job positions.

When it comes to trades, I am not very sure how this all goes. As I already said, I am a creative and innovative person. This is more economics and management that I really don’t care much about. Actually, I do, but I pretend not to because no one knew how to explain some things and I am too embarrassed to allow someone to see me not knowing something. But enough about me, let’s see those 9 highest paying trades in Canada.

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