9 Human Trafficking Stories in America

We have already published some compilations about human trafficking, but we can’t emphasise its importance, so here we have come out with a new compilaton of the 9 human trafficking stories in America. 

Unfortunately slavery hasn’t disappeared, but it still exists even today. Thousands of innocent and defenseless people suffer from being a slave even now, when we are writing this article. Generally the most vulnerable people become the victims of the traffickers: children, women, and immigrants. Human trafficking is a global problem, we can find large number stories across the whole world. There’s no a country where traffickers wouldn’t turn up.

We can read various stories about people who are sold by their own family, young girls whose “boyfriends” turn to be traffickers, or families who have modern slaves from the other parts of the world. Many times immigrants are the victims, but many times traffickers kidnap people from foreign countries then they transport the victims the United States and use them like a household gadget. When they are no useful any more, or they get old, they are simply kicked out to the streets, or what’s more horrific  – they are killed.

Here we show you 9 human trafficking stories in America, where nine innocent young people suffered from cruelty.

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9. Margeaux Gray

Human traffickers can be even your friends, or someone whom you know very closly. Margeaux was trafficked at the age of five by someone whom she relied on. Later on she managed to escaped from this trap, but she still suffers from this trauma ans she still tries to overcome it.

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8. Ali

Ali got addicted from heroin, and began to live in the streets – and she was trapped by human traffickers. They provided her drugs, consequently she had to do what she was told. It’s unknown when she was able to escape, but now she works at a treatment center and helps the other victims.

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7. Anonymus

It’s an extraordinarily cruel story of a family, who forced their child to make sex with foreigners since the age of five years old! She had an unusual escape as her pimp simply kicked her after catching her cheating on him.


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6. Christina

At the beginning she got presents from her boyfriend, but she didn’t know she had to pay them back, or else the man would kill her or her family. Threfore she didn’t dare to run away. She managed to escape as her pimp was accused of fraud and trafficking.


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5. Sara

We are half way through our list of 9 human trafficking stories in America, and here’s Sara’s terrible story. It’s a typical story, we could say, but there’s no a typical story, as we always speak about real, defenseless and innocent victims. Sara had a boyfriend, whom she loved, but she had to spent six terrible months with serving men with sex against her will. She applied for a modelling job on the advice of her boyfriend, but this job turned out to be something else: she became a sex slave. Luckily she managed to escape from this, and she found a shelter.


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4. Kendall

Kendall was sold by her own parents in order to be a sex slave for rich and famous people. She had to live this terrible life for five years until she managed to leave this life. It shows how cruel people, even parents can be to the innocent and defenseless.


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3. Mary

Her story is a less typical sex trafficking story, but unfortunately not a unique one. Mary had a husband, who abused her, whenever he needed money, Mary had to sleep with other men. They had four childre, too. Then Mary’s husband became suspicious for the police, as Darrell was pulled over for a traffic violation, and Mary managed to go to a shelter.

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2. Natalia

Many women are promised if they come to the United States, their future will be prosperous. They are promised to get a better living standard, better education, more income. This was Natalia’s story, too. She arrived from Ghana, but she became a slave of a family for six miserable years! Finally she managed to escape and alert the neighbors, who called the authorities. Terrible story of a poor young girl.

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1. Keisha

The last story is about Keisha, who escaped from her foster family because of sexual abuse. She trusted a many whose name was Mastur D. This man promised her to take her back to her family, but only if she agreed to sleep with other men. Later on Keisha was arrested for prostitution, which broght her a chance to get rid of the man. Unfortunately she was sent back to her foster afmily again, she relied on Mastur D again… And she was arrested again… At this time she realized she was the only one who could break this circle, and asked help at Polaris, an organization that was founded to tackling human trafficking and helping the survivors.

This was our comilation of 9 human trafficking stories in Americawhich were really horrible, but edifying ones.

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