9 iPhone and Android Secret Messaging Apps To Hide Text From Girlfriend

Be honest, how many of you have been looking for iPhone and Android secret messaging apps to hide text from girlfriend?

For some reason, people find it really hard to be really faithful to their other half, even when they truly love them. It is the sickness of the modern time.

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Personally, I haven’t been a saint my whole life, I won’t lie. I had long relationships, but in each one of them, I had something to hide. Whether it was a chat with any of my exes, or some chat with friends, or even some innocent flirt. But I always had a need to hide at least one text per a day. That might be the reason I became so paranoid when it comes to relationships. I never completely trusted anyone, and there is always a worm that bugged me until I steal my date’s phone to see at least one recent chat. Unfortunately, I always found something, which is why I started losing faith.

It wasn’t always cheating and innocent flirting. It was someone some smaller lies that weren’t really harmful but were usually things that I and my boyfriend agreed not to do.

This is why I was so surprised when I started a relationship with my boyfriend. I always had a full access to his messages, calls, pictures, and all the accounts he had. And even if he didn’t tell me everything he did one day, I never had the urge to start looking at it by myself. Honestly, because of my previous experience, I had some doubts from time to time but that would all quickly disappear. Now, we don’t know where we keep our phones. Sometimes, both of them are in my hands and I don’t even think about unlocking it, and not to even mention going through it.

But, just because I finally found someone I know I can completely trust, it doesn’t mean that the world’s population doesn’t continue the tradition. People are still cheating and hiding things from each other and that is when app developers realized where the good money could be found. Many of them managed to launch apps that hide all texts that you received until you want them to be found. I even had a friend that had 2 different accounts on his phone. One was public and was used when he was in a crowd and with his girlfriend and the other was private, only for his eyes, where he texted with all of his other lovers.

I recently also found that Viber has launched the new update where you can send secret messages that will be deleted in a matter of time that you decide and even block screenshots. In my opinion, it is not worth it. But who am I to judge. If I had been in a relationship with anyone else, I would probably find it interesting as well.

But besides Viber, Insider Monkey recently tracked down 9 iPhone and Android secret messaging apps to hide text from girlfriend, so check it out.

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