9 iPhone and Android Secret Messaging Apps To Hide Text From Girlfriend

If you have a very jealous girlfriend and want to hide some messages, you should see more about 9 iPhone and Android Secret Messaging Apps To Hide Text From Girlfriend. These Apps work around the same principle, regardless of the operative system they use. After the user installs one of these apps, he/she can choose some contacts whose messages he/she wants to hide.

One of the best Apps for secret messaging is Private Message Box. It works on iPhone and Android. The use of the app is simple. You choose a contact, and from that point on, every new message received from that contact will be stored in the app. Did you hear about Cover Me App? It works only on iPhones unfortunately. Cover Me App isn’t aimed only towards the protection of your messages, but you can also have secret calls, data encryption and much more. Nowadays the best known messaging applications such as Viber and WhatsApp have the ability to hide messages. After WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption on its platform, the largest competitor – Weber also decided to extend security settings. An application that has over 711 million users today has launched a new encryption of messages and calls, which includes group chat for up to 200 users, as well as the “hide” option next to the delete option. The company, established in Israel, taken over by Japanese Rakuten in 2014, announced that the update would begin today. Maybe more exciting innovation for ordinary users is the option of hiding a particular chat and locking it with a four-digit PIN code. Hidden chat can only be transferred if this four-digit code is typed in the chat search. Mobile Apps are enormous famous nowadays! Did you know that Apple’s App Store for iPhone was not the first app distribution service, but it inflamed the mobile revolution and was opened on July 10, 2008, and as of January 2011, reported over 10 billion down? The original App Store was first demonstrated to Steve Jobs in 1993 by Jesse Tayler at NeXTWorld Expo. As of June 2011, there were over 400,000 apps available, which had been downloaded by 200 million iPhone users. During Apple’s 2012 Apple Tim published that the App Store has over half a million available apps to download as well as 30 billion apps downloaded from the app store till that date.

If you want to see what are the best iPhone and Android secret messaging Apps to hide text from girlfriend, check Insider’s Monkey list of 9 iPhone and Android Secret Messaging Apps To Hide Text From Girlfriend and find out more about your future favorite Apps on iPhone or Android.

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