9 Largest Aluminum Producing Countries In The World

Can you guess the  top 9 countries that produce the most aluminum in the world today? No? That’s not a problem, we are here to inform you! Insider Monkey has come up with a great list, as usual. What about the position of the US regarding to aluminium? Well, the US has the largest economy in the world, although it doesn’t belong to the mining and manufacturing giants any more. But China does. it is China that provides the United Sates with antibiotics, masks,  personal protective equipments (PPEs), chemicals and testing kits, and many other including aluminium. China produces 33 times more aluminum than the mighty United States.

Why do people buy so many things from China? Because it’s cheap, it’s evident for everyone. But the problem is, if we buy something from China, just to save a little money, it may cost a fellow American his well-paying job, but we don’t care about it, as it doesn’t affect us directly. But tomorrow another fellow American buys something from China, just to save a little money too, which may cost our jobs, and it will affect us directly.  This is how things happen, so everyone in the world should think twice what to buy and where to buy it from. Every each of us should support local products.

But let’s go back to the largest aluminium producing countries. Aluminium is an esential material, as it’s used in many fields, such as aircraft, packaging, new generation automobiles, window frames, machinery, foils, kitchen utensils, electrical components. In the US there are three main compmanies that produce this material in six states, and their capacity is 1.79 million tons, but the total value of producing was only $2.4 billion in America. If check out that China’s total value of aluminium produced was $79 billion in 2019, we can see that America’s aluminium producing is much less.

Now let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us about the 10 largest aluminum producing countries in the world. 

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9. United States

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 891

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1100

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8. Norway

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1300

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1300

7. Bahrain

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1010

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1400

6. Australia

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1580

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 1600

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5. United Arab Emirates

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 2640

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 2700

4. Canada

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 2920

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 2900

3. Russia

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 3630

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 3600

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2. India

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 3680

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 3700

1. China

2018 Aluminum Production (million tons): 35800

2019 Aluminum Production (million tons): 3600

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This was our list of the 9 largest aluminium producing countries in the world, we hope it was informative for you!

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