9 Most Famous Sports Arenas In The World

If you are a sports-fan, you will surely be interested in the  most famous sports arenas in the world. Since the ancient times people have loved doing and/or watching sports. This was also the same in the twentieth century, when the largest sports arenas were opened throughout the whole world. Insider Monkey have come up with a great list about the most famous and popluar ones, which we show you happily now. These arenas are used for multiple sports, such as Olympic games, rugby, soccer, wrestling, boxing, hockey, basketall, baseball events. Most of them are owned by county governments and cities, although we can find some privately owned ones among them, as well.

So, what do you think? Could you name the most famous sports stadiums in the world? Now, without a further ado, we will show you around in the world of the largest stadiums. Come with us!

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9. AT&T Park

Here’s the first arena on our list, now: AT&T Park. It was named after the  U.S-based telecommunications giant AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T). It’s among the most famous and popular baseball stadiums in the United States, though it’s a pretty new one, as it was opened in 2000. What makes it more spectacular, that it overlooks the ocean.

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8. Phog Allen Fieldhouse

Phog Allen Fieldhouse is located in  Lawrence, Kansas. It’s among the oldest stadiums, as it was opened in 1955. It has hosted large numbers of basketball events so far.

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7. Camp Nou

It is regarded to be third largest soccer arena, according to its seating capacity. As for the location, it’s in the beautiful city, Barcelona.  The stadium has hosted multiple El Classicos, the tournaments between Barcelona FC and their arch-nemesis, Real Madrid FC. It was opened in 1957, and has been home to European Cup matches, as well as World Cup tournaments.

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6. Santiago Bernabeu, Spain

This large and beautiful arena is the home to the worldwide famous club, Real Madrid, and El Classico matches also take place here. It was opened in 1947. Since then it has hosted lots of international football events, and many famous and poplar players, such as Christiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane .


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5. Madison Square Garden

We are half way on our list of the most famous sports arenas in the world, and the fifth place was given to MSG. It is perhaps the most famous and beautiful arena in the world. It is owned by Madison Square Garden Co. (NYSE:MSG). As for the location, it’s in New York. MSG was opened in 1968 and has been to home large number of famous sports events so far, such as boxing, basketball, hockey, and wrestling.

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4. Fenway Park

It’s among the oldest ones in our list, as it was opened in 1912.  It is located in Boston Massachusetts, and has been home to the Boston Red Sox for more than 100 years. Over a century it has been to home the best games in the history of baseball, so it really deserves its place on our list.

Fenway Park

3. Old Trafford

It was opened in 1910 and since then it’s been to home for many sports events including World Cup matches. in Great Britain. It’s also home to the famous football club, Manchester United (NYSE:MANU). The stadium has 75,000 seats, and although it’s not largest one, it’s one of the most iconic stadiums in the world.

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2. The Allianz Arena

This arena is in Germany, and it’s among the most famous ones in the world for many reasons. It’s the only arena that can change the colors of the winning side during a football match. It’s also the home to the worldwide famous and excellent Bayern Munich, as well as 1860 Munich.

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1. Wembley Stadium

The first Wembley stadium was opened in 1923, but since then large transform was made in order to get an ultra-modern stadium. It was reopened in 2007 after giving it a completely new design. It has excellent lighting, so even during nights it looks as if it was daytime. There have been large number of tournaments here, and it will be home to many more in the future.

These were the 9 most famous sports arenas in the world. Which one have you visited so far?

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